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Precautions for coloring book printing

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1. When choosing a color, its color characteristics must be considered to avoid economic losses.


1 Use thread color and white to mix pink, such as 10%-20% red and 90%-80% white. First, pay attention to the red light resistance. The color characteristics indicated by the ink manufacturer refer to the light resistance of the original ink. Toning of two different colors will reduce the red light fastness.

2 In custom coloring book printing, it is common for many printed materials to use purple. The general purple ink has a low unit price. For single-sided printing, there is no need to worry. For some packages to be printed on both sides, pay special attention to purple penetration, because ordinary purple has penetration After the product is made into a product, it can be stored for a long time, and the purple on the back of the printed matter will penetrate into the other colors printed underneath.


2. The optional film before printing and the adhesion after printing.


(1) The electronically processed film must be used to purchase the film. The surface tension of the film must reach 38 dyne (referring to surface printing). It is best to use a corona test pen to test, because the film is produced (referring to the printed film). After electronic treatment, the film treatment effect will fade exponentially with the extension of storage time. The rate of fade is related to the storage environment temperature, raw materials, film thickness, etc. The storage environment has a high temperature, and the fade speed is fast. The film contains additives such as slip agent, Plasticizers and antistatic agents fade faster than those without additives. Now many printing factories can blow the film by themselves and perform electronic processing. However, due to the failure to master the processing procedures, discoloration, penetration, and adhesion occur after printing. , Difficult to cut and difficult to uncover when using.

(2) Some book printers in china are used to test the adhesion of printed matter on the machine, that is, use the adhesive tape to test while printing. In fact, this is unscientific, because the ink is not completely dry, the adhesion test is the best This is done 8 hours after printing.


3. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment during and after printing to avoid increasing costs and causing waste.


(1) In coloring book printing, due to the volatilization of the solvent of the ink, the moisture in the air penetrates into the ink, and the ink contains a certain amount of alcohol solvent, which has an affinity for water, such as small printing plate area, low ink consumption, and long Time printing can easily cause the ink to gel. If it is not completely gelled, you can add new ink to remedy it and use it up as soon as possible.

(2) The finished product after printing is particularly sensitive to the temperature and humidity of the stacking environment. If the printed product is delivered to the customer, there is no problem with the package in the early stage, and the anti-stick phenomenon occurs when it is reused in the later stage, mainly due to the storage of the finished product One is the high temperature, the second is the humidity, and the third is the pile pressure. The resin in the ink is softened, and the auxiliary agent in the film penetrates into the ink water and reacts.


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