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Precautions before carton packaging and printing

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With the advancing of the age and the development of computer science and technology, the colorful desktop publishing system has been widely used in packaging and decoration planning. Many advertising companies and plate making centers have introduced various high- and mid-range colorful desktop publishing systems. Planning requirements, pre-press packaging planning. The use of computer systems has significantly improved our work efficiency, art planning, advertising creativity, and manufacturing level.

A packaging planning manuscript is often a combination of pictures, colors, and text. When determining the layout, color selection and plan arrangement of the picture, in addition to the nature of the product and the aesthetics and artistic effects, it is also necessary to consider the post-printing process. The actual role of the. Most planners now use computers as packaging planning tools. Regarding new products, professional planners generally plan according to customer requirements or shopping mall intentions. However, most packaging planners do not understand the carton printing process or the lack of communication between planners and printers, and they cannot grasp the characteristics of carton printing well. The planned sample does not meet the printing requirements.


Carton packaging structure design strategy and function analysis. The first method uses offset printing corrugated box paper, and then uses a single machine to re-mount the corrugated. This method can print carton with exquisite patterns and improve the printing quality of carton products, but it also produces other problems: complex production processes and long production cycles; low carton strength, high scrap rate, and high production costs; large production sites , the labor intensity is high; the printing format is limited; the delivery time is not flexible enough, etc. The second method is to directly print corrugated cardboard with flexographic printing plate, which has the characteristics of fast-drying ink, high printing speed, and low cost. It is especially suitable for corrugated paper, which does not require high printing accuracy. The third method is to obtain exquisite patterns from micro-corrugated cardboard through offset printing, which is a new material and printing technology. The packaging products produced by micro-corrugation have the characteristics of low weight and high strength, while the direct offset printing high-grade color corrugated cardboard has the characteristics of short production cycle and good dimensional stability. The fourth method can produce medium and high-grade cartons. The requirements for corrugated paper in medium and high-grade cartons are that the printed patterns are exquisite and the strength of the corrugated paper cannot be affected. To meet this requirement, the current ideal method is pre-printing, which includes two printing methods: gravure pre-printing and flexo pre-printing.


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