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Offset paper or pure paper for printing? What is the difference between them?

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Printing paper can have many kinds of materials, each of which has a different purpose, has a different feel and look, and the effect of printing is also very different. Offset paper or pure paper, which one is better? The China printing company believes that in order to make a choice, we must first have a clear understanding of these two materials and understand their various characteristics and differences.


1. The difference of materials

From the time of production, there is a difference between the two sheets.

Among them, offset paper is usually made by mixing bleached softwood chemical pulp with an appropriate amount of bamboo pulp in a certain ratio. In the process of producing sizing, a certain proportion of glue is also added to improve the surface strength of the paper.

The raw material of pure paper is 100% imported high-quality wood fiber. Compared with offset paper, it can maintain the natural atmosphere and characteristics of the paper, embodies the advanced environmental protection concept, and also determines the price of pure paper. Slightly higher than offset paper.


2. Quality difference

When we read, the quality of the paper will greatly affect our reading experience.

Offset paper may be widely used and widely used in our daily lives, as well as in books and periodicals. The price of this paper is relatively low, but there is also a direct printing situation.

The toughness of pure paper is better than that of offset paper. The paper is soft, the color is usually milky white, the surface is smooth and Matt, and the text is not easy to penetrate. It can bring new reading experience to readers.


3. Differences in usage

Offset paper has flexibility, rigidity, single-sided, double-sided, super calender, ordinary calender and other different grades of paper, which can be used to print single or multi-color books, inserts, etc.

Pure paper has uniform coating, high gloss, good surface strength, low reflectivity, soft color and smooth hand feeling, which not only makes the printing more three-dimensional, but also makes the reader feel the elasticity of the paper when flipping through it. Greatly improve the reading experience, suitable for high-end custom hardcover book printing.


At the same time, if you have any printing needs, please feel free to contact us.



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