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Note for photo book design–Difficulty of background color printing

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When designing photo book color pages, designers often add background colors to achieve better results, especially in the production of personalized prints. For example, the background colors in photo book printing usually have two different manifestations. One is that they often appear in the picture. As the background color of the theme pattern background, although it is not the theme of the picture, it plays a very important role in contrasting the theme in the whole picture and directly affects the artistic effect of the picture. In order to make the background color of the finished product after mass printing basically the same, without obvious color shift, and to be able to reproduce the artistic concept of the print designer, the background color of this background is generally printed with envelopes. When the background color of some manuscripts is relatively dark or the area is relatively large, it is necessary to design two special colors of dark and light with similar hues for printing, so that the background color of the screen is consistent with the original, and the ink layer is thick and thick. Plain clothes, no flowers, no white spots, can truly reproduce the artistic effect of the original manuscript. -Propaganda photo book layout


There is also a background color that is used in the design of the photo book printing process. In order to facilitate printing control hue and make up for the color difference between the printed matter and the drawing, the background color that is artificially added to the pattern part is also printed in spot color. This is because the manuscripts of the patterns often use some Chinese paintings, gouache paintings, wood engravings, and oil paintings. These artistic works are very beautifully designed, with very rich colors and vivid changes in levels. If you simply use the three primary colors plus black to reproduce the picture, the color of the pattern will appear monotonous and thinner than the original, often giving people the feeling of lack of color. It is not as rich and thick as the original color, and the color changes are also relatively large Stiff and uncoordinated, the sceneries of the picture also appear flat and rough, and the artistic effect of reproduction is not ideal. 


-Photo book cover design


On the other hand, from the perspective of printing, printing design, if the picture relies on the superposition of the three primary colors to produce color changes, it is more difficult to make the picture color consistent in the design of handbags and mass printing. In this case, in order to be able to reproduce the artistic charm of the original manuscript and obtain a high-quality finished product, one or two spot colors should be set as the base color of the pattern part according to the main color of the manuscript screen during the process design. It is the complement of colors, such as: dark, light gray, dark, light ochre, purple, etc., plus the three primary colors. In this way, when printing in large quantities, the main color of the picture is fixed, and the ink color can be made consistent. The leaflet template ensures the quality of the printing design. At the same time, the artistic effect of the picture is greatly improved, so that its color tone is basically consistent with the original manuscript. It also reproduces the blooming effect of the original manuscript. The color is rich and soft, the color changes natural and harmonious, and the whole picture is smooth and delicate.



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