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Methods to improve the quality of carton printing

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Printing is actually the process of plate-making, ink application, pressure and other processes of text, pictures, photos, anti-counterfeiting and other manuscripts, so that the ink is transferred to the surface of paper, fabric, plastic, leather and other materials, and the content of the manuscript is copied in batches. Technology, but In order to improve the quality of any printed product, it is necessary to meet certain technical requirements. In the case of carton printing, it is no exception. Below, China printing company will introduce the methods to improve the quality of carton printing.

1. The printing color should be pure, and there should be no color difference in batches.

The quality of water-based ink is the key to the pure and bright color of carton printing, so pay attention to the selection. There is no obvious difference between good quality ink and color code, the hand feel is fine, the viscous concentration is suitable for dilution with water or alcohol solvent, there is no precipitation and caking, no foam is generated by stirring with a wooden stick, and it is mixed with other inks for color matching, with good affinity , There is no incompatibility phenomenon, the prepared ink is pure, and there is no abnormal reaction. Otherwise, it cannot be used.

2. Prevent overprinting and ghosting when printing coated whiteboard cartons.

When the coated whiteboard paper is manufactured, the coating liquid contains a certain amount of glue, and the surface of the high-grade whiteboard paper also needs to be coated with a small amount of glazing wax. There is slippage at the moment of contact, and the pressure of the printing plate is too heavy, and the water-based ink is not easy to penetrate, so the ink in the printed carton is slow to dry, the printed products are stacked, and the superimposed ghost formed by scratches will appear on the surface of the box. Use ethanol to lighten, do not use water, because it is not easy to volatilize, it is not conducive to the drying of ink, the printing pressure should be appropriately reduced, and the printing speed should not be too fast.

3, To ensure the clarity of printing.

When printing the carton, the ink should be appropriately lightened, the ink layer of the inking roller should not be too thick, and the pressure of the roller should be moderate, so that the printing ink is uniform and the box surface has no obvious dents. Do not increase the ink concentration, increase the pressure of the inking roller, and the speed of the printing machine should not be lower than 800r/min. If it is too low, the ink on the box surface will be uneven, and the bottom will be exposed. If it is too fast, the ink will be too thick and the layout will be blurred. Prevent paper wool, paper scraps, etc. from entering the printing machine and sticking to the printing plate. If you find paper scraps sticking to the plate, stop the machine immediately and wipe it with a rag dipped in alcohol.

In addition, in order to improve the quality of carton printing, it is also necessary to ensure the accuracy of overprinting, and the accuracy of overprinting depends on the precision of the equipment and whether the adjustment of the paper feeding section is parallel.

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