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Matters needing attention in corporate booklet printing

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The corporate booklet can be roughly divided into the following categories: one is corporate image booklet, which are generally used to display the visual image and honor of the company, and the length of the booklet is determined according to the size of the company; the second is corporate product brochures, This category is generally a large-length introduction to the product features, performance and other related aspects of the company; the third is the event leaflet, this type of leaflet is some small leaflet printed for the activities carried out by the enterprise, aimed at letting the public Understand: a company carries out a certain activity at a certain time and place.




Booklet printing is one of the important ways to show the company to the outside world. Generally, the quality of the design and product photography will affect the image of the company, and the printed paper used. If the company does not have a planning department or a design department, it is recommended this can be done by the advertising design company, and some basic corporate image standards or requirements can be handed over to them to complete.


Booklet design not only focuses on the photography, design and printing of the content, but also pays more attention to the important task of communication between the company (or product) and the target audience, which best reflects the individual image and dominant image of the company (or product).

Therefore, the design of the booklet designer must fully understand the brand culture of the company or product, and then analyze the target audience and the current market situation of the booklet, based on the corporate image standard, and then carry out in-depth and comprehensive corporate (or product) image design Performance, and finally supplemented by perceptual photography and excellent printing technology to complete the task of booklet design. 


The following points need special attention——

1. The entire volume design that maintains the original brand or VI style.

2. According to the main target objects of the brochure, make the content positioning of the whole book design.

3. The cover directly reflects the relationship between the product brand objects, concise and clear.

4. The company’s brand logo appeared in many places, which made the target audiences more memorable.

5. Symbols are used in the design of the booklet to create a direct association between the target object and the product.

6. In the design of the brochure, the company’s strength should also be shown through the layout of text and pictures.


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