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Matt Art Paper VS Offset Paper: Which Is Best For Book Printing

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printing books in china

Printing books in china, there are many types of printing paper for choice. But from numerous of paper types. The most wide range of printing papers are include matte art paper and offset paper. But for these two types of paper, which is best for book printing? Most of the publishers don’t know how to distinguish and choose.

The quality and performance of these two kinds of paper are different in all aspects. So the advantages and uses of the paper are also different.

Difference Between Matte Art Paper and Offset paper

1. The characteristics of matte paper and offset paper are different

Offset paper, also known as wood-free and Dowling paper. Offset paper refers to the paper that sizing is applied to both sides of the paper. To improve its surface properties during the paper-making process.

Matte art paper, also known as uncoated paper and matte coated paper. Matte art paper is a type of coated paper. Coated paper also calls coating paper. Which is made by coating a layer of white slurry on base paper and calendering it.

2. The advantage of matte art paper and offset paper are different

Offset paper has small stretch ability, uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight texture and opaque, strong water resistance. But its ink absorption is better than matte art paper. If custom notebook printing, workbook printing, textbook printing, etc. Offset paper is more suitable.


notebook printing


Matte art paper is fine, white, not easy to deform. It looks more upscale and has better ink absorption than coated paper. Although matte art paper is not as bright as coated paper. But print the book with matte art paper, the book looks more luxury and texture. When printing color books, the printing effect is better than offset paper. The pattern printed on matte art paper is more rich and high-end than offset paper.


art book printing


3. The usage of matte art paper and offset paper is different

Offset paper has a wide range of uses. All kinds of books and textbooks are its first choice. Which followed by magazines, color pages, product catalogs, maps, wall calendars, calendars, etc. Offset paper is more suitable for black and white printing or ordinary book printing.

Matte art paper is the high-end printing paper. Matte art paper often uses for the cover or illustration of high-end books, colorful pictures, all kinds of exquisite product advertisements, etc. Like art book printing, hardcover book printing, photo book printing, etc.

In fact, for these two types of paper, between them, if say which is best, actually almost. Because their usages are different. Thus, it can’t compare. When we choosing paper to print our book, we should choose the printing paper base on our book type, quality needs, budget, etc.

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