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Laminated finishing in Book Printing

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1. The concept of laminated

Lamination is a post press process in which transparent plastic film is pasted onto the surface of printed matter by hot pressing to form a film with a thickness of 10um.


2. What the function of laminated? Now let one of the book printers in China to talk about it with you:

Laminating technology is widely used in all kinds of packaging and China book printing. It is a very popular printing surface processing technology for various binding forms of books, calendars, maps, etc. Specifically, this process has five functions.

(1) Protect the printed from abrasion

(2) Make up for the quality defects of printed

(3) Increase print strength, such as puncture strength, tensile strength

(4) Extend the printing storage time, such as photo plastic packaging, no fading, no yellowing, increase the storage year

(5) Increase the printing quality, make the pattern color more bright and full


3. Types of laminated

According to the surface brightness of plastic film, printing lamination can be divided into glossy and matte

(1) glossy lamination

After laminated its color and brightness will have a certain change, printing color will be brighter .

(2) matte lamination

The color of the book printing will be darker than that before after matte laminated, so it is suitable for shaping the artistic sense of the printed matter with light and elegant style. In terms of technical processing, the designer should increase the color purity and brightness of the page that needs to do with matte lamination.


4. Comparison of UV and file lamination

UV vanish can also protect and decorate the surface of printed matter to a certain extent. In many functions, the two are very similar. Due to the relatively low cost, rapid development and attractive products, UV glazing also occupies a certain market share in some post press processing fields. Local glazing is the most popular application of UV glazing, which can improve the quality of books, But in most cases, this local UV glazing process is also carried out after lamination, and the previous lamination process must be solvent based lamination.


For example, the protective effect of UV glazing is inferior to laminating, such as folding resistance and abrasion resistance: UV glazing also needs to invest in printing equipment and UV curing equipment, and laminating has a ready-made equipment foundation and mature technology. In addition, some UV varnishes will also volatilize peculiar smell during the coating process, which will affect the operators of China printing company.


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