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Knowledge you don’t know about sticker printing with lamination

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Knowledge you dont know about sticker printing with lamination

Laminated self-adhesive labels can better prevent moisture and dirt, and can also protect and improve gloss. Lamination refers to sticking a fully transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed matter by pressing. Its main uses are general, such as Magazine Printing,Brochure Printing, Photo Book Printing,  Calendar Printing,etc.

According to the printing and processing method of raw materials, stickers can be divided into sheet-coated paper and roll-coated raw materials. A sheet of paper is coated on a coating machine. The raw materials of the roll are compounded in the compounding process of the labeling machine or the special compounding machine. It can be divided into the following categories:

1. Roll paper lamination

According to the different equipment, the paper web lamination can be divided into: the lamination of the liner composite film and the linerless composite film.

2. Sheet-fed lamination

According to the basic functions of the laminating machinery and the characteristics of the lamination film, there are two lamination methods for single-fed paper self-adhesive labels: coating and lamination on the laminator.

3. UV lamination processing technology

The working principle of this process is as follows: first, the UV adhesive is printed on the surface of the coated raw material by a universal printing module, and then the adhesive is dried by a UV drying device to become a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Then, during the lamination process, the ordinary BOPP film (the ordinary compound surface has been corona treated) is compounded with the roll stock, and the lamination process is carried out.

4. Dry lamination

On a laminator or gravure press, the key is the lamination of the film stock. Roll raw material dry coating is suitable for a large number of label products, with high cost performance and low cost. After the label is coated, it is generally necessary to perform secondary production processing such as film cutting and waste discharge on the processing equipment, such as some battery labels, wine labels, etc.

Having said so much, is it more clear what is going on with the Sticker printing with lamination? If you also need any helps on Sticker Printing, or any questions about China sticker printing, please feel free to contact us, we have confidence that we are the best one among many printers in China.

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