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Is the photo book sample printed by digital printing machine?

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Photo book


Photo book printing is one of the common printing products in China printing company, and it is also the main business of most printing houses. For batch printing Photo books, we all need to proof and color the Photo books to prevent printing errors or the printed effect is different from the expected effect. There are two methods for picture Photo book proofing, namely digital proofing and traditional proofing. Let the professional China printing company briefly introduce what digital proofing and traditional proofing are:

The so-called digital proofing is connected to a printer by a computer and output directly. 

Advantages: time-saving, low cost, color controllable (of course, proofing machines are now divided into laser and inkjet machines), but the disadvantage is that they are limited by the size and thickness of the paper. The traditional proofing generally requires several links such as filming, printing, and machine proofing. 

The disadvantages are: time-consuming, costly, and low color controllability. The advantage is that it can be used for various media and various thicknesses for proofing. 

Let's make a more detailed comparison between digital proofing and traditional proofing.

1. Traditional proofing:

The traditional proofing method is to take out the film after finalizing the draft, and then expose the PS plate to the traditional proofing machine, which is flattened by a circle. The cost of proofing is high, the time is long, and because it is manual operation, the color depth is determined by the proofing technician himself, repeat again The color of proofing will be different. There are still many printing houses that do not have CTP. The design and typesetting of the documents during the printing period are all done in the printing design company or the output center. Sometimes the electronic document provided by the customer has errors and cannot be seen without proofing. It is too late for the traditional film proofing, or some trade secrets cannot be released. At this time, it will be good to think that you can proof.


2. Digital proofing:

Digital proofing is the use of color management software to interpret the arranged electronic document into a color separation file with the same effect as the actual printing effect, and print it with a high-precision, large-format inkjet printer, instead of the traditional proofing process after film output, especially when used The computer-to-plate CTP process, because film proofing is no longer needed, but proofs are still required for signature printing, and the color of the proofs must be consistent with the actual printing effect, so digital proofing must be used to print the proofs before using CTP Output the computer version.

With the continuous development of inkjet printing technology, the original four-color inkjet has developed to the current 11-color inkjet. In fact, since the 7-color inkjet, the color gamut space can be compressed, the hue of the ink can be simulated, and the software and hardware can be controlled by color. It really matches the color of traditional prints. But the more inconvenient thing is that it must be printed on imitation coated paper with special coatings. The color is correct for manufacturers who print books and periodicals, and there is no problem with the color. However, it is difficult to handle with packaging and printing manufacturers, because they often not only have to print samples, but also make finished samples to customers. 

The special imitation copperplate coated paper has poor adhesion, and it is processed and laminated in the later stage. Post-processing such as bronzing, mounting E tiles, tie-box die-cutting bumps and so on is not very useful. Now, the "Print with e" series of products developed and produced by Xiamen Haoyinxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. can already use the actual printed paper for proofing, and use the actual material paper and other substrates to directly proof the finished product, which can be similar to the actual printing effect. It is also a good choice for design creative companies to make physical samples, packaging and printing companies to contact business, to provide CTP matching, and to shorten the proofing confirmation process.

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