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Introduction to the key points of full color book printing

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book printing 

Color printing is a way of copying images or text in color (corresponding to this is only black and white printing, or monochrome printing). It involves many steps, or conversion processes, to produce high-quality color reproductions. Therefore, full color book printing is a type of book printing that are more difficult to print and produce among many book printing. Since full color book printing generally contain a lot of colors and pictures, many are involved in the process of printing and production. The production process and production skills of color printing. For some less formal printing production companies, they often have a lot of quality problems when printing color page products. Then, what are the production processes of full color book printing that require special attention?


The key point in the production of full color book printing is how to grasp color printing, because if color printing wants to obtain better production results, it must have matching printing production equipment. This is very important. It is very critical and indispensable for full color book printing to obtain better printing results. If there are deficiencies in the printing production process, it is difficult to obtain a good printing production effect. Especially for some book prints that require relatively high craftsmanship


In addition, the production and printing effects of full color book printing have a certain relationship with the work experience of the printing technology operators. In the color printing process, printing technicians are generally required to better control the printing technology. For example: the registration is accurate enough, the ink color is uniform and bright, the layer is rich, the dot is smooth and full, the field is flat, the text is clear, there is no broken strokes, no obvious streaks, no greasy dirty, no paper hair, no ink skin, etc. And faithfully restore the authenticity of the original manuscript.


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