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How To Writing A Best Children’s Book (Guides in 2024)

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Many people have read a lot of children’s books, have a wealth of knowledge reserves. And want to create fun and interesting children’s books for children. But how to turn their ideas into children’s books? What are the characteristics of good children’s books? And how to get children’s love? And other core issues have made many people who are interested in children’s book creation feel distressed. Through this article, you will get some guides.

What’s children’s book?

printing children's books

Children’s books refer to printed books designed for children. Different from ordinary books, children’s books have many large illustrations or cartoons. So that children can read easier to understand and grasp. According to the book binding types, we can divide the children’s book into hardcover children’s book, paperback children’s book, children’s board book, pop-up book, etc.

Is the children’s book market big enough?

According to the Industry Research: The global Children’s Publishing market size is projected to reach USD 11100 million by 2027, from USD 9086 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 3.0% during 2021-2027.

What are the characteristics of a good children’s book?


children's book writing


1. Simple knowledge and interesting content

No matter picture book or graphic book, content always comes first. Since children’s learning ability and cognition are limited. So the content of children’s book should be as simple and easy to understand as possible. Should not be too professional, and should be lively and interesting, not too complex.

2. Exquisite packaging and beautiful layout

The biggest characteristics of children’s books is that there are relatively few words and many pictures. Thus, on packaging and design, strive to be exquisite, atmospheric, beautiful, and have a strong visual impact. Meanwhile, the color should conform to the physical characteristics of the child as much as possible.

3. Set the main character with a cute image

Based on the age characteristics of children, they all prefer small animals. And they also like to give nicknames to classmates or friends. Thus, in character setting, it is necessary to set several protagonists with cute images and different personalities. So that to shorten the sense of distance between young readers, and the children have a sense of intimacy.

4. There is a sense of substitution and resonance 

The sense of substitution means that the content and scenes are as close as possible to the daily life and learning environment of children. So that readers feel that the content in the book seems to happen to them or to their classmates.

5. Precise positioning, tailor-made

Children are a big concept, including multiple age levels. And children of different ages have different needs and personality characteristics. On this point, many young parents have a deep understanding. For example, seven or eight-year-old children are very reluctant to play with four- and five-year-old children, and feel that they are in the way. While younger children especially like to play with older children. The various contempt and dissatisfaction between the two are very obvious.

How to choose the writing direction of children’s books?

1. Write what you are good at

As we all know, time is fair to everyone and is 24 hours a day. No matter how profound a person’s knowledge is, he can only study deeply in one or two or three sub-fields. Only a once-in-a-century genius can be proficient in many disciplines. To ensure the quality, when the authors who want to write a children’s books. They should choose a field they are best at writing, and continue to cultivate.

For example, some people are suitable for writing popular science knowledge. Some are suitable for writing fables. And some are suitable for writing about agricultural knowledge… In short, one of the taboos of writing children’s books is that they think they can write anything. But the result is that they write everything not good. It is recommended that before formal creation, it is best to have an objective evaluation and analysis of your knowledge reserves and areas of expertise.

2. Writing content based on children’s age

At present, there are different standards for the age classification of children. And the defined age groups are also different. Under United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a child. While the medical profession defines a child as being under the age of 14.

We know that children of different age groups have great differences in their cognitive level, mental maturity, hobbies, etc. So the books they like to read naturally have different contents. For example, although 3-year-olds and 10-year-olds are both children. The content of books they can understand and want to read must be different.

3. Writing content based on the gender of the children

At present, industry segmentation is becoming more and more specialized. And the field of children’s books is no exception. If you pay attention, you will find an interesting phenomenon. That is, both boys and girls can read some part of children’s books. But some children’s books are specially created according to gender. And the purpose is to allow boys or girls to classify layer reading.

Is writing children’s books easy?


write children's book


Of curse not! Writing children’s books are like catering. It seems that there is no threshold, but in fact the threshold is extremely high. This phenomenon tells us a truth that it is not easier to do some seemingly simple things well. It is precisely because there is no threshold for entry. So the competition is extremely fierce. To survive and win the lasting welcome of customers, you must innovate. The same is true for writing and printing children’s book. Writing a children’s book may seem that there are not too much words. But it is actually very difficult for the written works to be welcomed by the market.

How to write a best children’s book?

1. Writing from the view of children

To get close to children readers, you must reduce the thinking of adults to the thinking of children. And you can no longer write with a condescending vision. Otherwise, what you write will not arouse the interest of young readers at all, and it will not be popular in the market.

2. Be a genuine friend of your child at first

If you have children, be sure to be friends with your children. Communicate more with them, communicate sincerely with your eyes, looking straight up instead of looking down. And understand what your children need and what content they like to watch. Only in this way we can write a good book in line with children’s reading habits.

3. Lots of imitation

The reason why a lot of imitation is needed is that imitation is one of the effective methods of learning. Only imitate first, understand other people’s successful experience, learn from others’ successful practices. And then internalize innovation to build your own unique writing method.

4. Pay attention to the age difference

Children’s books cover ages from 0 to 10 years old. And children of different ages have different needs and interests. Thus, you must understand that the content of your writing. And should be divided into target readers as far as possible in advance. Your book it is impossible for children of all ages to like it. The smart way is to do a market research. First, to determine whether the target readership is kindergarten children or children in the lower grades of elementary school. And then start creating, which is more accurate and effective.

5. Put the feelings of young parents first

Why put the feeling of young parents first? Because young parents are the major consumer group of children’s book. When you writing a children’s book, you can do a survey from the young parents. So that to know they want what types of children’s book for their children read.

6. The story you write must first make you laugh. 


book make children laugh


According to Kids and Family Reading Report, over 42% of children want the book make them laugh. When you writing a children’s book, you need to write the content form the view of children. After finishing, when you read your content, is your story can make you laugh if you are the children? If the story can make you laugh, it will be more popular in the children’s book market.

In fact, no matter what time and where, we writing a children’s book need to more consider our reading group what they want. Only that, we can write our children’s book well.

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