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How to use bottom pattern correctly in book printing and typesetting

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In book printing and typesetting, it often involves the use of shading to decorate the layout. When using shading, you should pay attention to the following aspects proposed by one of the best book printers in China. BookPrintingChina is an experienced China printing company and can provide you with the best China printing service.



① According to the content of different pages, different book printing layout is designed. For example, news newspaper layout focuses on the clarity of the page text; The layout of entertainment newspaper can be decorated with picture color.


② The choice of bottom pattern should be reasonable. If the background is yellow, it is recommended to use 100% pure yellow. Otherwise, the light yellow is not easy to see on newsprint, so it is difficult to have high printing quality; If there are black color on the bottom pattern, it is recommended to use less purple, cyan, green, red and so on, because these bottom colors are less visible with black words, which affects the visual effect. If you really need to choose the shade of these colors, you can tick the white edge on the black text.


③ Picture settings on newspapers. In order to avoid the influence of bottom colors on the image, you can set the attribute of the image to replace, and then place it on the bottom.


④ When using bottom pattern for layout modification in book printing and typesetting, do not set the bottom color too deep, so as not to affect the text effect.


⑤ When irregular bottom is encountered in the typesetting of book printing, the method of drawing irregular lines can be used. In the production of irregular bottom pattern, we should first use some production tools to draw the outline of irregular shading block, and then fill the required bottom colors into the drawn irregular block.


⑥ Background color is often used as secondary pure color, pure color and less multi color. Because multi color is produced by multi-color overprint, it will inevitably increase the difficulty of color tracing in color newspaper printing, making it difficult to print accurately and prone to color deviation.

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