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How To Select Optimal Paper For Printing Your Manga?

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The paper is key for manga printing. The paper selection will have a great impact on the printing effect and reading experience. Here are some tips for selecting paper to print your own manga.

We often see the color mode for manga are black and white printing, color printing these two modes. Different color mode of manga printing, the paper selection will be different.

Black and white manga printing

black and white manga printing

For black and white printing, most clients will choose offset paper. This is because offset paper is uncoated, and with uniform ink absorption, good smoothness. Using it to do black and white manga printing, it can ensure higher quality printing effect. And the gram weight often uses 70-120g.

More importantly, the cost of offset paper is more cheaper than coated paper. And the weight is light than the coated paper. Using offset paper to print black and white manga. Not only can save the printing cost, also can save more shipping cost.

Besides, due to offset paper is uncoated, doesn't reflect light that strong. It can better protect our eye.

Color manga printing

color manga printing

For the color manga printing, often use offset paper, coated paper, matte art paper. The paper choice often depends on your aesthetic.

Using offset paper to print the color manga, the color is more close to the natural color. But the color effect and attractive is not as better as coated paper.

Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper. Coated paper is called powdered paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. It is often used for high-end printing or color printing. Coated paper divide into glossy coated paper and matte art paper.

Usually, for color manga printing, coated paper is more popular by the publishers. First, print manga with coated paper, can better restore the image color. And make the manga looks more bright and with three-dimensional effect. Then, the manga printed with coated paper; it looks more high end and brings strong visual impact on readers. Compared to print with offset paper, the image printed with coated paper is more easy to attract readers' attention.

If say print manga with coated paper, makes the manga more bright and lifelike. The manga printed with matte art paper is more high-end and texture. The popular gram weight of coated paper for printing manga often is 80g,105g,128g,157g, etc.

Apart from offset paper and coated paper. Also have a little part of people will choose recycle paper to print their manga. Recycled paper is a kind of paper produced from waste paper. 

Through more than a dozen processes, such as sorting, purification, beating, and copying. This is because use recycled paper to custom manga printing. It is can better protect the environment.

Today, when the world is increasingly advocating environmental protection, the use of recycled paper is a popular move.

Although, the paper choice often depends on what printing effect you want to achieve. But, if your manga is black and white color mode. Offset paper will be your optimal choice, whether from printing effect and economy. If you want to print color manga, coated paper will be more popular among the readers. Whether from color attractive or touching experience, coated paper will be better than offset paper. 

Still no idea for how to print your manga or want to know more about the manga printing guides? You can read the related article Manga Printing Guides: Self-Publishers Need To Know.

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