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How to Reduce the Cost of Notebook Printing

Time: 2022-01-20 Hits: 52

notebook printing 

Notebook printing is a type of office supplies with the largest consumption in the office supplies market. The demand for notebook printing has been increasing unabated. Despite this, the commercial competition among various notebook printing printers in China is also very intense, in order to obtain more considerable commercial profits, many printers in China often take into account the production cost in the process of notepad printing and production. What about reducing the cost of printing production?


In the production process of notebook printing, the most important thing to reduce the cost of printing production is to pay attention to the opening of the printing paper and choose the appropriate opening. Books with more short lines are in 32 format, and there are many blanks in the incisions and bindings, and more paper is used. If you use the long and narrow 36 format, you can save paper. If the format is too small, the fold factor and the loss of smooth edge material are also more.


Another important factor in reducing the cost of notebook printing is to reasonably plan the total number of pages of the notebook printing product, for example, try to avoid zero pages when imposing. Because a book has other parts besides the front page, such as four covers, title page, preface, table of contents, copyright page, etc., and each part may use different paper, make up the total number of pages of the same type of paper. Multiples of 4 are not difficult, so you can save paper better.

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