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How to reduce chromatic aberration in book printing

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The finished product after printing is often slightly different from the color seen on the screen. The following will provide you with answers to the reasons and how to minimize these color differences from book printers in china.

Reason 1: The color difference of the screen

The screen will try to restore the color range caused by the human eye. In order to pursue the color of painting, many designers will use the screen. However, between different screens, it may be better, and there will be some color differences.

How to solve:

Choose the best Mac computer, because the color management of Mac is good, and the computer can also keep the settings before the same, so that the color of the computer does not need to spend time adjusting. Therefore, regular color is also needed to avoid the occurrence of color cast.

Reason 2: the color difference caused by the conversion of RGB to CMYK

The color of book printing is composed of CMYK four-color ink, which is different from the principle of screen light imaging. If you have the experience of converting a picture from RGB to CMYK, you will find that the color will be darker than the original RGB mode when converted to CMYK mode.

How to solve:

Before printing, the files are sorted into CMYK mode and checked before delivery, which can effectively convert the color of the printed product and the screen color has a significant gap.

Reason 3: The characteristics of paper habits

Because each paper has different characteristics, the same paper is printed on different paper materials, and the colors are also different. For example, copper Sika with a remanufactured surface will print brightly and brightly, while paper with a thin surface, such as Dowling paper and Leni paper, will print darker colors because it absorbs ink.

How to solve:

The printing effect of the reference paper pattern is printed, and the paper material of the packaging and inner pages must be selected before printing.

Reason 4: The color difference after the film is applied

If you choose to polish the surface, whether it is a bright film or an atomized film, there will be bright and slight chromatic aberration. Some bright films will enhance the chroma of the printed matter and look brighter, while the fogging film will give the surface of the printed matter a fogging effect and the color will also be heavy.

How to solve:

When designing, remember to pay attention to the color difference after the film is applied.

If you really care about the color difference, you can calibrate the color ticket or proofing, and the cost of time and money can also be used. Therefore, the trade-off with color standards depends on everyone's needs. Please feel free to contact us now to start your book printing journey.


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