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How to publish your own book?

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Nowadays, self-publishing is rapidly becoming a popular choice for writers of various styles. And publishing books is one of the dreams that many writers must realize in their lives. If you are a creative creator, then maybe you can start to seriously consider your book printing and book publishing plans.Do you also plan to write a children's book, do you think the blog content will also become a good book, or do you always want to write a memoir? So, how to publish a book by your own? And do you want to find a company with cheap book printing China?


1. Research the market

Before you start writing a manuscript, you need to do some market research. Are there plenty of other books on the same subject? And what is yours different?

2. Write and edit your book

After you have written the book and self-published as much as possible, you can choose to be reviewed by a professional editor and find the right publisher for your budget and needs.

3. Design the cover and format the book

To create a beautiful and easy-to-read book for readers, the cover is the main factor that attracts readers to read the book. You can hire professional cover designers (pricing depends on their experience), or you can read them separately with the help of apps such as Canva. You can use tools like Scrivener, which will help you shape the inside of the book. Your book needs to be both inside and outside, this is what attracts readers and increases sales!

Note: If you have reached the stage of a well-written, proven and designed book, then the next step is to ensure that you have the appropriate skills. Before processing the book cover, you will need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). This is the only barcode you need to buy for each edition of the book.

4. Print your book

If you choose your own printer, please do a lot of research again. Request samples, reference materials, and equipment and processes used.

If you want to be satisfied with the product after the book is completed, you

need to determine the size and format of the book before starting the layout

and illustrations. This will depend on your target market and production budget, and the printer will recommend the most cost-effective format.

5.Promote your own books

Now that you have written a great book, conducted research, and decided how to publish it, the next step is to consider how to promote your book. For example, create a blog or website, use social networks, that your readers are looking for, etc.

In fact, the key to self-publishing a book is to conduct research, plan ahead and budget for all aspects. After that, it is to be printed in batch. At this moment, you need to find a professional and affordable book printing company to complete it. And before printing, you also should read more about the printing knowledge, you can have a refer to”What do you need to know before printing?” Self-publishing is not difficult, sometimes easier than dealing with the publisher.

More about the Self-published publishing and printing guide, pls feel free to contact us.

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