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How To Print Your Own Children’s Book?

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print your own children's book

In recent years, since the booming children’s book market. Children’s book printing has become one of the most popular projects in the book printing industry. And how to print your own children’s book has become an urgent problem for most self publishers. So I write this article and hope to give some guides to the self publishers.

1. Ready your design file of your children’s book

Before finding children’s book printers to print your children’s book, you need to prepare your design file. This part is very important. Whether you want to get a quotation or print the book, the design file is needed. Although during the quotation, the design file is not have to provide. But if you want to get fast and effective quotation, you do better prepare your design file at first.

2. Online children’s book printers VS local printing house: how to choose?

If you only want to print several copies for self-use or for your friends. We often recommend finding a local printing shop to print. Because online children’s book printers has a MOQ need. More important, you need to consider the shipping cost. But if need to large print your own children’s book for sale. Online children’s book printers are up surely your optimal choice. First, online has thousands of children’s book printers for you to choose from. You can choose the most satisfied one to print your children’s book. That’s a local printing house can’t achieve. Second, online children’s book printers offer a variety of printing services that local printers don’t have. Last and most important, for bulk child’s book printing, online printers’ prices and services are more competitive than local printers. So if your want to large print your children’s book, online children’s book printer is more suitable.

3. Select a children’s book printer to print your own children’s book

The choice of children’s book printer is the key to your children’s book printing. Why say children’s book printer is the key? Because the quality of your children’s book is often depends on your selection of children’s book printer. So when you Selecting a children’s book printer to print you book. You need to combine with printers’ printing equipments, factory scale, prices, services, customers’ reviews, proofing efficiency and lead time, etc factors to consider.

4. Send your design file to your children’s book printer

After choosing a children’s book printer, then you need to send your design file to the children’s book printer. You can send your design file through the website like dropbox or wetranser by PDF format. It is very convenient and safe. Then a professional children’s book printer will double-check your design files for you. If have any problem, their designer will fix it and resend to you to confirm.

5. Place the order

If you check the PI and design file is OK, you can place your order to print your own children’s book. When you place an order, you need to pay a deposit in advance. So that the children’s book printer can arrange your children’s book proofing.

6. Confirm the sample and start bulk order printing

When your sample is finished, the children’s book printer will ship it to your home. After you receiving the sample. If the sample is OK, you need to send a message to your children’s book printer to confirm. And then they will print your mass order. If have some places need to fix, you need tell your children’s book printer. They will help you fix it when printing the bulk order.

7. Shipping

When the children’s book printer finished your bulk order. They will send the clear pictures or videos of bulk order to your confirmation. If you confirm everything is OK, you need to pay the balance. After receiving your balance payment, the children’s book printer will ship your books to you.

Above 7 steps are the key processes of print your own children’s book. After reading these steps, they will up surely help you a lot.

Still no idea of print your own children’s book? Please contact sale@bookprintingchina.com, our professional team will get you some suggestion and guide you step by step to print your own children’s book. BookPrintingChina with over 20 years of child’s book printing experiences. Whether price or quality, we are the top in book printing industry.

What types of children’s book printing service do we provide?

1. Perfect binding (paperback) children’s book printing

2. Spiral bound or wire o children’s book printing

3.Hardcover children’s book printing

4. Saddle stitched children’s book printing

5. Children’s board book printing

6. Children’s coloring book printing

7. Children’s bible printing

8. Children’s zine printing

9. Pop up book printing

10. Sound book printing

Besides the above printing services, we also provide many children’s book series printing services for you to choose from. So if you want to print your own children’s book, BookPrintingChina will be your optimal choice. Choose us, print your own children’s book will be very easy.

The video below are some types of children’s books we print for our clients.

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