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How To Print Your Own Board Book : Guides For Self Publishers

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print your own board book

In a recent year, children’s board book is a hot sell at children’s book market. We can see them at various of online or offline bookshop. Since children’s board books are unusually hot, many publishers large bulk print board book to sell.

What is a board book?

Board book often designed for age of 0-4 toddlers, which involves all inner pages by two sheet of coated one side paper are wrapped together and then self cover or hardcover to be a book. This kind of board book is enough strong to withstand frequestly read and tear off by toddlers.

Why are children’s board book so hot in the children’s book market?

For the fifth year in a row, NPD reports a year-over-year increase in children’s board book sales. And data for 2019 shows they are on track to surpass last year’s numbers once again. Although the last decade saw the closing of many standalone bookstores, more retailers are stocking children’s books than ever, and board books, with their small size and lower price points, provide a unique opportunity for consumers and retailers alike.

How to print your own board book?

1.Find board book printers

There are many board book printers online. You can send your printing request to different board book printers to get the quotations. When you receive the quotations from different board book printers. And then you can filter the board book printers whose quotation and service is meet your needs.

2.Make the sample

You can select one or several board book printers to make your sample. The sample often does digital sample, and our bulk order use offset printing. When you receive the samples, you can select one which is to satisfy you. And then select a bulk order printer from the sample printers.

3. Confirm printing details, price and shipping cost

When you select a suitable board book maker from the samples. You can contact the board book printer send you a PI (proforma invoice) to confirm. This step is very important. If you don’t do this step, it will have some troubles. Such as the size is not your final confirmation.

4. Place the bulk order

After you confirming the price, shipping method, payment way, etc. You can send your printing files to the board book printer and start printing your board book. The printing file is often in PDF format. You can send the printing file through dropbox or wetransfer.

5. Confirm the mass product

When the bulk order is finished, the board book printer? will send you the images of mass product to confirm. If everything is OK, you need to pay the last payment before arranging the shipping.

6. Shipping

Once you pay the last payment, the board book printer will contact the shipping company to ship your books to your home. During the shipping process, the board book printer will follow it and update the message to you. Till you receive the goods, your board book printing is finished.

7. Feedback

When you received your board books. If you have any question about your board book, you can contact the board book printer to solve it. If quality is exceed your expectations, you can write an excellent review to encourage the board book printer. He will be happy. Next time you print your own board book, he will get you some discounts and do it better.

board book customs


8 tips to print your own board book

1. The choice of paper

We often mounting one side coated paper to print a board book. Why use coated paper? Because we print the patterns on coated paper, which makes it more colorful,bright and attractive. And when we touch the book, it feels more smooth and comfortable.

2. The choice of printing ink

Because the readers of board books are little children. These age of children, their reading habit is bite or tear the book. Thus, we often use soy ink to print board book for the children. Soybean ink is pure plant extraction. It is not adding any harmful substances. Even if the little children bite the book, there will not harm children’s health. So soy ink as a green ink, are common use for custom children’s board book printing.

3. The choice of binding style

We custom board book often with paperback (perfect binding) or hardcover binding. Because these two binding methods are more popular in the children’s board book market. And with these two binding methods to bind the board book. The board book is not easily to damage by the children.

4. The choice of craft

What types of crafts are common use for children cardboard book printing? Base my years of printing board book experience. Most of the clients often choose the crafts like lamination, UV, over oil, gold foil and sliver foil, etc. The board book with lamination, which can be waterproof and not fade. Custom board books’ cover with gold foil or sliver foil, which make the books look more high end. Printing a board book with UV or over oil, which makes the book look more bright and attractive.

5. The choice of number pages

The customers print their own board book often choose the number page between 8- 36 pages. If the number page is too much, it is hard to do a board book and the cost is very high. So we often suggest the clients select the number pages between 8-36 pages.

6. The choice of board book size

Size between 5- 10 inches is suitable and popular in custom a board book. If the size is too big, the printing cost is very high and not convenient to ship. But if the size is too small, the reading experience is not good.

7. The choice of quantity

Different quantity, the price will be different. Custom board book printing, the MOQ often 500 copies. No matter what kinds of books you want to print. You print more, the price is more cheaper.

8. The choice of shipping way

For the bulk order, we often suggest shipping by sea or by railway. Although shipping by sea or by railway is slow than by air. But if your goods are shipping by air or by railway, you can save much cost.But if you need your books urgently and send to your target customer. You can ship part of books by air and others shipping by sea. The choice of shipping way is based on your book quantity, budget and book shelf time.

Above are some guides for self publishers to print your own board book. After reading this article, maybe will help you a lot. In fact, no matter what types of books you plan to print, you need to consider many parts.

Still seeking a board book printer to print your own board book? Why not click here to contact us to start custom your board book? BookPrintingChina is up surely your best choice to custom your board books. We have over 20 years of experience in the child’s book printing industry. We own 10 sets of advanced printing equipments and premium quality control team. Because of competitive price, instant quote, fast proofing and delivery, high quality. Thousands of clients have chosen us to print their board book. And received many good reviews from these clients.

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