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How to print a low-cost magazine?

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An exquisite magazine makes people love it much, but it is expensive. Printing a magazine is an effective way to convey important information to readers. As an effective marketing tool, this way has been widely adopted by companies to reach their target customers. However, But its printing cost making companies worried. Therefore, how to reduce the cost of magazine printing is a concern of every publisher and enterprise. Only without affecting the effect of the finished product, the cost is also reduced, can the magazines widely used (such as advertising, media, product promotion, product catalog). Then brings higher benefits to the enterprise.


So how to reduce the cost of magazine printing without affecting the quality? And how to make a cheap magazine printing?


1. The suitable paper opening. You should choose a suitable paper opening. If it is unreasonable, the material will increase, which will increase the printing cost of the magazine. Therefore, try to choose the right format to reduce the cost. The specifications of the magazine play a vital role in determining the production budget. Since printing is a manufacturing application, the finished product largely depends on the printing equipment and magazine specifications and the limitations of its components (such as printing presses, adhesives, quantity, size, number of pages, etc.).

2. The paper materials. When it comes to magazine printing, paper is the most critical raw material. A wide variety of papers of various types, sizes and finishes can determine how your magazines look and feel. Magazines generally use 52~80g paper, monochrome generally use 60g writing paper, and color generally use 80g double edition paper. Therefore, a reasonable selection of paper materials is very important to reduce the cost of magazine printing.


3. The choice of binding material. It can be replaced by tough paper or cloth, and bronzing can be replaced by anodized aluminum foil to reduce the cost of the magazine.


4. The printing process. Readers will consider whether the content and cover design of the magazine are attractive when buying a magazine, and the price of is reasonable or not. Therefore, a profession magazine printing china manufacturer should also consider how to reduce its costs and improve market competitiveness when they are printing.


Considering the above points, magazine printing is an effective way to convey important information to readers. The magazine printers should first consider how to improve magazine quality, shorten production cycles, and reduce magazine costs. In each step, we must create favorable conditions, try to avoid printing errors, not only to ensure the quality of the magazine, but also to reduce the cost of magazine printing.

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