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How to print a Children's Book

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After becoming a mother, I often visit the children's book section of some bookstores, and when I flip through the contents, I also admire the overall artistic beauty, and some books can even be displayed as arts and crafts. Compared with the simplicity and simplicity of adult books, children's books are more colorful and endlessly innocent.

1.Packaging design is practical and entertaining

For example, various audio books, guide books, pop-up books, spelling books, etc. It is a child's nature to love to play, and curiosity is a child's endowment. Books should attract children to read, try not to be boring, and be full of fun and surprises.

2.Wide range of printing materials

The materials of children's books printing are still mainly paper. Paper-based printing materials are mainly offset paper, coated paper, and light paper, because this type of paper has high smoothness, good whiteness, strong water resistance, uniform ink absorption, and ability to reproduce images. strong and other advantages.

3.Variety of printing processes

Offset printing process can achieve perfect restoration of image color for children's books printing.

The cloth book adopts the sublimation printing process. After printing, the dye and the fabric are completely combined. The dye content of the printed matter is extremely low, but the printing effect is excellent, and there is no fading or color fading.

In order to exercise the baby's sense of smell, some real books such as flowers and fruits are printed with spice ink, and the two processes of silk screen and offset printing are used to achieve aroma printing.

In children's books, there is a point-reading and sounding book, such as backgammon point-reading pen, which uses TMA (Total Media Alliance all-media printing) technology, which organically combines the three media of sound, paper printing and the Internet. Together, print publications have a true audio-visual integration.

4.Intricate and ingenious post-press production

5.Higher requirements for environmental protection

In general, children's books are full of pictures and texts, and have unique ingenuity, which not only spreads knowledge to children and teenagers, but also enriches their childhood lives. But at present, some children's books, especially some children's books, especially for custom hardcover book printing, have complicated craftsmanship, numerous procedures, high cost and high price, which are unbearable for the majority of parents. We want to read more and more healthy, affordable, authentic books with our children.

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