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How to make the catalogue printing more colorful?

Time: 2021-01-15 Hits: 358

Now, in the printing market, the demand for catalogue printing is increasing, because with the development of the economic situation, people have higher and higher requirements for the sensory comfort of printed products. For this reason, the colorful catalogue printing have become a popular printing product, and various printing companies have also paid special attention to this kind of higher-profit printing products, and look forward to obtaining better economic benefits in catalogue printing. However, as a printing manufacturer, if you want to make your catalogue printing more popular with everyone, you must make the catalogue printing reflect better color effects in the design and printing process.


First, in the color design of catalogue printing, we must pay special attention to the application of various color elements. When designing patterns and colors, we must grasp the contrast of various colors, the use of cold and warm colors, and the blending of hues. The color design of picture catalogue printing can be more liked by consumers, and from the perspective of chromatics, better visual effects can be obtained. Only such picture catalogue printing can well attract the attention of consumers.


Secondly, the color of picture catalogue printing is also reflected in the choice of printing ink. It can be said that some high-quality imported inks will be able to obtain better printing results for catalogue printing because of their better texture. At this point, domestic printing inks are incomparable. Therefore, in order to obtain good color effects, it is necessary to choose high-quality imported printing inks during production and printing. If the printing company does a good job in color design and ink selection, it will be able to produce picture book printing products with good color.

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