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How to make catalogue printing in high-grade?

Time: 2021-04-09 Hits: 288

High grade picture album is generally used in enterprise publicity of large enterprises, high-grade product catalogue printing (such as clothing, watch handicraft, high-end furniture, etc.), and some places of interest introduction, etc. it is called high-grade, in addition to high-level content graphic design, it also starts with the form, material and technology level of the album.


First of all, the design of graphics and pictures, high-grade picture album must be high-precision, think if the layout and material technology are very good. But how can a low-quality picture appear high-end? So the whole design must be high-profile.


And then there is material. A high-grade picture catalogue printing, give people the feeling must be very texture, very delicate. Therefore, whether it is cover mounting or backing paper and inner paper, special paper must be used. What kind of special paper to use depends on the specific content. That is to say, the style of material should be suitable for content expression, so as to achieve a unified one.




In addition, printing and post processing process are also very important. In terms of printing, in addition to striving to achieve design results, generally speaking, design is based on four colors. If the cost permits, the basic specific content can be added to the printing gold, silver printing and so on. In appropriate circumstances, large-scale printing gold and silver will make the catalogue printing more colorful. In terms of technology, it is usually started on the cover. According to the specific situation, some gold stamping silver, UV, punch concave, grinding, embossing and other processes. To strive for the process to make the whole cover up finishing point role.


In a comprehensive way, there are many related elements of high-grade catalogue printing. The specific production depends on the specific situation.

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