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How To Make And Print Your Own Story Book?

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With the development of children’s book market and children’s book printing field. Especially children’s story books which are hot popular in various of children’s bookstores. More and more authors are entering into children’s story book writing and then publishing or printing. So for most authors who are first make and print their own story book, how to do their story and sell it well? Let us brief discuss this issue.

According to Industry Research, The global Children’s Publishing market size is projected to reach USD 11100 million by 2027, from USD 9086 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 3.0% during 2021-2027.


Children and parents favor which types of story book?

Different age of children, their understanding ability are a big different. So when we plan to make and print the story books to sell. We must focus on who is the target customer of our story book is. Once we clear know our target customer favor what types of story book. We will easier to make our own story book and then print them to sell well.

1. For 0-3 age of little children.Since they are at the stage of start study and their vocabulary is very limiting. Most parents will choose the short story book with simple words and rich pictures. So that they can use it as a bedtime story to coax their children sleeping. Even if the children reading the story book by themself, rich pictures can attract their attention and the simple word helps them understand the story content. Thus, for this ages of children, we make or print short story book for them are more suitable.

2. For 4-7 age of children.Their vocabulary is relatively rich than 0-3 age of children. And they can understand much words. As parents, most of them hope their children can study more and train the children to set up good reading habits. They will choose rich and interesting story book for their children. Such as adventure story, comic story book, sticker story book, puzzle story book, etc. Because such kinds of story books not only can meet children’s desire to explore the world while playing. Also can replace the parents to accompany their children. So that the parents have time to do their thing. If you want to print your own story book for this ages of children. Print the story book can meet children to play and study is easier to attract parents to buy.

3. For 8-14 age of children.Because these age of children, they have large vocabulary and they can understand much hard words. The simple story book can’t meet their needs any more. So the parents favor to choose long and rich story book for their children. Such as fiction titles about emotions and prejudice, humorous stories, social themes, animals, etc. This kind of story book can help children to understand emotions, social, science, etc. Thus print graphic novel, comic story book,etc story book will more suitable for this age of children.


How to make and print your own story book?

1.Prepare your artwork.

Before print your own story book, you need to prepare your artwork at first. When you find the book printing company to quote. Artwork can help you get a quotation more quickly and save a lot of communicate time.

2.Select a right book printing company is very important.

Because of different printing company, whose quotation, quality, service, proofing and delivery time, etc are different. The selection of a book printing company will affect your cost, quality, and production time. How to choose? Combine with my over years of printing experiences. Most clients select a right book printing company, often through 6 factors. 1) Whether the quotation is fast and professional. (2) Whether the service is satisfactory. (3) Whether the payment method is appropriate. (4) Whether the sample quality is well. (5) Delivery time. (6) Customer evaluation, etc.

3.Make and print your own story book

When you select a book printing company, you can pay the deposit and send your artwork to him. The book printing company will you check the artwork. If have some place need to fix, their designer will help you fix. And then send the artwork back to you for confirmation. You need to check the artwork carefully. If everything is no problem, the book printing company will arrange your story book printing. When your story book finished. They will send the pictures or videos to you to confirm. After you confirm, you can pay the balance. Then your books will ship to your home or designated dock.

Still seeking for a book printing factory to print your own story book? We found BookPrintingChina in 1995. To date, we have over 25 years of book printing experience. We provide many kinds of story book printing services for publishers and self-publishers. Such as paperback story book printing, wire-o story book printing, spiral story book printing, hardcover story book printing, story board book printing, etc. Except for book printing, we also provide free design file checking and some printing suggestions for you. About the price and quality, you also don’t worry. Our price and quality will satisfy you. Over years. Since we always do high-quality printing at a favor price. So that many clients cooperate with us many times and won excellent reviews from them. Now contact us to get an instant quotation.


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