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How to Make a Photo Book

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A photo book is a record of growth, a testimony of time, a memory of the past, and an indispensable item for every family. In each of our homes, there are large and small photo books, couples wedding photo books, children's growth photo books, graduation photo books, family photo books. Photo books capture the most memorable and best parts of our lives. So, how to choose the specifications,materials and process of photo book printing? Bookprintingchina to explain.

1. Photo Book Specifications

Common sizes for photo books:

1. Large 16 open type: width 210mm × height 285mm

2. Large 16 open horizontal type: width 285mm × height 210mm

3. Special specifications: 250mm×250mm square

2. Photo book materials and binding process

1. The materials used in the photo book mainly refer to the paper on which the inner pages are printed. There are usually 3 kinds: coated paper, matte paper, pearl paper.

Since the paper is white, it is difficult to show the difference between the three with a picture.

Coated paper: smooth paper surface, high whiteness, reflective paper surface, good ink absorption and ink adhesion, commonly used paper for high-end books and photo albums.

Matte paper: Also known as matte coated paper. Compared to coated paper, it is less reflective when viewed in sunlight. Although the printed pattern is not as bright as the coated paper, the pattern is more delicate and higher-grade than the coated paper. The color will also be as reflective as the coated paper.

Pearl paper:It is a special paper with a very smooth, thick, reflective and pearly surface.It is also used for high-end picture albums, books, and exquisite packaging, and the price is relatively high.

If the pictures of the photo book are brightly colored and of high quality, you can choose matte paper, otherwise, it is recommended to use coated paper for printing. As for pearl paper, it is selected when there are physical samples.

2. Photo book binding and craftsmanship, mainly including hardcover, butterfly matching table hardcover, paperback, saddle stitching

3. Other Crafts for Photo Books

For other craftsmanship of photo books, it is mainly reflected in the binding design of the cover, such as: hardcover cloth, bronzing and silvering, plus book box, book box, etc.

Besides, if you have any questions about printing books, please feel free to contact us,BookPrintingChina is a professional china printing company  with advanced book printing machines, high-quality standard paper materials, timely and professional sales team, fast and stable delivery Goods service, reasonable printing price. Our rich export experience can well meet your custom printing requirements. Let's start your book now!

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