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How to make a perfect catalogue printing for a company?

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catalogue printing

Enterprise catalogs have now moved from offline to online, but as exhibitions, conferences, visits, and local promotions, written catalogs still play a role.


For catalogue printing, first determine the function, is it corporate image, corporate products, corporate charity, business introduction, or comprehensive publicity? After determining the function of the catalog, you can organize the promotional materials accordingly, especially to raise materials from different angles.


The next step is to determine the overall length. If it is a manufacturing company or entity, the product content is often included as the main content. Generally speaking, many people are willing to read this part of the content for local promotion. Note that if it is an image manual, be careful not to praise yourself too much. Think about it if you take a catalog of a single company, would you like to see many companies praising yourself? It is often the case that these content will only make the company's own boss look happy, but it has no practical use for business development.


After deciding on the space, the structure shall be divided. Generally speaking, the corporate directory can be divided into (foreword, corporate overview, business content, social responsibility, social recognition, contact information. According to different functions, different space allocations are made in different locations.


After the structure is determined, the manuscript can be divided into content. One point must be reminded, so that the corporate directory should not be turned into a biographical profile for business owners, and corporate publicity must not be personalized. Otherwise, this directory will not have a good spread.


Contributions and image organization are equally important. What I want to remind is that to make a corporate directory, you must work hard on the American editor. Because of the beautiful and attractive pictures, the catalog will be doubled for eye appeal. Western catalogs are doing very well in this regard. Of course, the company’s own pictures are more important, but the selection of pictures should be handled by a professional editor.


The proper combination of text and pictures, together with the overall decoration design, is the ticket to the final catalogue. Solid text, exquisite pictures, accurate editing, and decent decoration are the four major elements of the catalog.


Now if you are sure to print a promotional catalogue for your company or product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here are professional printers in China who will guide you on how to obtain cheap catalogue printing and provide you with the best quality catalogue printing services.

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