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How to make a coffee table book?

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The coffee table is not only an interesting conversation starter kept in your living room, but it can also be an interesting and useful work. If you think you have the ability to create one of these books and print a compelling coffee table book, please follow the tips in this guide.

1. Choose a topic. One of the joys of coffee table books is that they focus on a specific area of interest. Even the most specific interests can find an audience. In fact, the more creative and professional the better. Some possible ideas for a coffee table might be: a collection of photos of historical figures, a knowledge outline of a certain art or hobby, a collector’s guide, and original photos or art. A good coffee table book provides a bunch of pictures collected over a period of time. These pictures are arranged together in chronological order, which has attracted the attention of readers.

When choosing a theme for the coffee table book, think outside the box. In an ideal situation, readers can see your book on a friend’s coffee table, and only need to pick it up on the pages of the book to search for it. Therefore, it is your job to make it look more attractive.

2. Research your topic. The Internet is a good place to start this research, but you also need to consider other sources. If you want to write a book that contains information on a specific topic, you need to understand that topic as much as possible. For example, if you want to make a coffee table book that collects photos and facts about vintage lamps, you need to take photos of vintage lamps, study the origin of lamps, study the types of vintage lamps, and interview lighting manufacturers and owners. In other words, you will need to be an encyclopedia of old lamps for walking and talking.

3. Work with professional photographers to get the right pictures to attract customers. Even if your book is a collection of old photos, you should still consult the photographer for pictures to fill pages between classic pictures to show that your book has original works.

4. Prepare your text. Your book will need an introduction, titles of all pictures, papers between photos, and even an index, photography credits, and bibliography. To do this, you even need to work with the editor before you start submitting the book to the publisher. If the manuscript you submit is not perfect and completely free of grammatical and mechanical errors, then the publisher will not be interested in your coffee table book.

Don't ignore the quality of the text. The picture may appeal to someone, but you want them to get information from the picture and then continue reading. Therefore, your text will not be boring. You need to make reading interesting and attract readers. Work with an editor who will be honest about how to improve your book in order to increase the chances of publication, and most importantly, have a well-written book.

5. Work with a graphic designer to provide the correct look for your book. The cover and theme will appeal to your readers, so you need to make it as unique and compelling as possible. In addition, the layout and design of the book are equally important. Many publishing houses (you should choose to go to the publishing house) will guide this process, but this does not mean that you can't take the initiative to grasp the appearance of the book.

Find publishers that might be interested in printed books (perhaps using the Internet or books like the "writer's market"). Organize your manuscripts and photos, write an inquiry letter, and submit it to a stamped envelope with a return address. Each publisher’s submission guidelines may vary, so be sure to consider the needs of different publishers.

A coffee table book is a classy and sophisticated way to express your style and interests on a particular topic. Are you ready to publish your own coffee table book now? If yes, you need to contact a professional book printing service provider to get it published. Bookprintingchina has more than 20 years' experience of coffee table book printing china, we will provide you with correct advice at every step of printing. For more information, send us a message now.


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