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How to improve the gloss of book printing?

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How can book printing companies improve the glossiness of books when printing books?


When printing books, it is inevitable to encounter some poor printing conditions. For example, when the printing paper and ink are the same, due to the problem of printing operation errors, the products printed by the printers in Chinaoften have a larger size. The difference, on how to improve the glossiness of book printing, the following is a China printing company to explain to you.

First of all, in the offset printing process, the emulsification degree of the printing ink is mostly caused by the large amount of ink loss caused by the excessive flow of water during the operation of the printer. Although it seems that the ink layer of the printing ink is very thick, it is because The molecules of the printing ink have become caused by the water-in-water ink. After the ink dries, the gloss will become very poor, and it will also cause the printed product to malfunction during the process. If the water flow is too large, it will cause the printing ink is too large, which is the most taboo practice in the offset printing process.

Secondly, improve the wetting fluid of printed products. Generally, the acidic wetting fluid used in our country is phosphoric acid-based. Although it is lighter, it is still possible to maintain the pH value of the acidic wetting fluid between 3.0 and 5.5. The stronger the acidity of the liquid, the stronger the corrosion of the ink to the cleaning material, which will make the surface of the printed product rough.


As the types of entertainment magazines on the market continue to increase, each magazine printing has its own characteristics. If a company wants to print high-quality magazines and capture the psychology of consumers, it must pay attention to product innovation. So, how to make entertainment magazine printing more creative?

First, in the use of font fonts for printed products, because now the fonts of entertainment magazines are generally the same, if the text can be unique and artistic when designing, it can better improve peoples understanding of entertainment magazines, but the prerequisite is to not use too weird text fonts when readers can understand. Designers can design innovations from product catalogs, journal titles, etc., and finally adjust the text to achieve the effect of rendering the theme.

Second, in terms of color performance, the selected color must be consistent with the color of the entertainment magazine. The characteristics of the magazine printing should be displayed in the place where the brightness and color are equal. The color between the colors should not be too different. Human feelings will not be very harmonious, so when choosing colors, you should choose a color as the main color of entertainment magazines, and then embellish some other colors in the main color, so that the magazine can be used, then bring people a sense of vision.

Third, you can use illustrations in entertainment magazines to reflect the highlights of entertainment magazines. A good picture can give a finishing touch to printed entertainment magazines, but the selected picture must be creative. While conforming to the theme of the magazine, it can also attract the attention of consumers. In magazine printing China, we will guide you how to get the cheap one with high quality.

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