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How to improve the foiling stamping process in book printing

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From the basic process of foiling stamping of book printing, we can see that the three basic elements of bronzing are: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time. In order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, the process parameters such as hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and hot stamping speed must be reasonably mastered; In addition, the quality of raw materials related to bronzing must also be guaranteed, such as the hot stamping suitability of the substrate, the performance of anodized materials and the quality of hot stamping plates. If something goes wrong, it will affect the final hot stamping effect.


Select the appropriate substrate. There are many substrates that can be bronzed, usually paper, such as coated paper, whiteboard, white cardboard, cloth paper, offset paper, etc. However, not all paper bronzing effects are ideal. If the surface is rough and the paper is loose, such as book paper and poor offset paper, the anodized aluminum layer can not be well attached to its surface, the unique metal luster can not be well reflected, and even can not be bronzed. Therefore, the substrate for bronzing should be dense, smooth Paper with high surface strength can obtain good hot stamping effect in book printing and fully reflect the unique anodized luster.


Select the appropriate anodized model according to the different substrates. The structure of anodized aluminum has five layers, namely polyester film layer, peeling layer, color layer (protective layer), aluminum layer and adhesive layer. There are many models of anodized aluminum, including No. 1, No. 2, No. 8, No. 12, No. 15, etc. In addition to gold, there are dozens of colors, such as silver, blue, brown red, green and bright red. The selection of electrochemical aluminum should not only select the appropriate color, but also select the corresponding model according to the different substrates. Different models have different properties and the range of materials suitable for ironing. Generally, No. 8 is used most for hot stamping of paper products, because No. 8 anodized aluminum has moderate adhesion and good gloss, which is more suitable for hot stamping of general printing paper or polished paper and lacquer cloth. If hot stamping on hard plastic, other corresponding models shall be selected, such as No. 15 electrochemical aluminum.


The quality of electrochemical aluminum is mainly controlled by visual inspection and hand feeling, such as checking the color, brightness and trachoma of electrochemical aluminum. Good quality anodized aluminum requires uniform color, bright and clean after hot stamping and no trachoma. Generally, the fastness and tightness of anodized aluminum can be checked by rubbing by hand or trying to stick its surface with transparent tape paper. If the anodized aluminum is not easy to fall off, it indicates that the fastness and tightness are good, which is more suitable for hot stamping small text patterns, and it is not easy to paste plates during hot stamping; If you gently knead the anodized aluminum, it will fall off one after another, indicating that its tightness is poor and can only be used for hot stamping with sparse graphics and texts; In addition, pay attention to the broken ends of electrochemical aluminum. The less broken ends, the better.


It is worth noting that anodized aluminum must be properly kept and stored in a ventilated and dry place. It cannot be mixed with acids, alkalis, alcohols and other substances. Measures such as moisture-proof, high-temperature protection and sunscreen shall be taken, otherwise the service life of anodized aluminum will be shortened.


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