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How to improve the artistic effect of photo book printing design?

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Photo book printing can arouse consumers' interest in reading through visual effects, which can effectively enhance the artistic effect of photo book printing and achieve the purpose of publicity: 

Design and concise photo book printing skills from the company who provides the best China printing service


1. Color performance


The Chinese people use red as an auspicious color, but the Islamic region uses yellow as the color of death; blue is often used to describe the color of demons in Egypt; red is a poisonous mark in the Czech Republic; green is a sign in Turkey Wait, these are some different local customs. Each and region has a different perception of color. Therefore, the design of photo books needs targeted investigation and research to better adapt to the habits of consumers in different places. 


2. Techniques of design expression


Business owners need to fully convey the information they need to convey to the designers. The designers of China Printing Company must clearly and accurately convey the contents and image characteristics of the photo book design through their own professional skills. If the photo book design of the investment company is mistaken for the photo book design of the cleaning company, no matter how beautiful and novel the exterior decoration is, it will fail.


There are many types of printing inks for photo books. According to different printing methods, the common types of inks can be divided into four categories: lithographic printing inks, letterpress printing inks, gravure printing inks, and screen printing inks. A good printing ink must have the characteristics of high purity, high saturation, high light resistance, high transparency, and good water resistance. The ink quality of Shanghai Printing Company directly affects the quality of printed matter. There are imported and domestic inks, and the quality is also uneven. When printing a photo book, you can choose the right ink according to different paper and photo book design requirements. For example, when the color is heavy, you need high-purity, high-saturation ink. There are many special papers because the color reproduction is not accurate enough, so it is necessary to choose good inks for performance.

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