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How to design perfect catalogue printing?

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An appreciable and exquisite catalogue printing, which can show the idea of an enterprise and promote its products and brand image. The following are some tips on how to design and get the cheap catalogue printing with high quality by an experienced China printing company:


1. Comparison of catalog texture

In ordinary people's daily life, the word texture may be rarely heard, but in art, texture is a very important shaping element. For example, relaxation, smoothness, moisturization, etc., are all used to describe texture. The texture is the main factor that determines the style of the work, so the texture not only expresses emotion, but also integrates with this emotion.


2. Comparison of catalog size

The size relationship is the most valued item among the shaping elements, and it can almost determine the relationship between imagery and harmony. The difference in size is small, and the feeling is more calm and gentle, and the difference in size is large, and the feeling is more vivid and powerful.


3. Comparison of catalog lines

The curve is very soft and gentle; the straight line is hard, sharp, and very masculine. In nature, the two are properly mixed. Usually we don't pay attention to this relationship, but when a curve or a straight line emphasizes a certain shape, we are deeply impressed and at the same time produce corresponding emotions. Therefore, in order to deepen the impression of the curve, we often emphasize it with some straight lines. It can also be said that a small number of straight lines will make the curve more eye-catching.


4.The contrast of the color of the catalog

Yin and yang, positive and negative, day and night, etc., contrast sentences of this kind can make people feel the light-dark relationship in daily life. Brightness (black and white) is the most basic element of color perception.


5.The comparison of the font thickness of the catalog

The bolder the font, the more masculine it is. If it represents fashion and femininity, it is usually expressed in fine print. If the weight of fine characters is increased, the bold characters should be reduced. This combination looks brighter.

The smooth lines, harmonious pictures, and beautiful text combine to form a creative, readable and appreciable exquisite catalog, and then display the company's style, concept, product and brand image in an all-round and three-dimensional manner.


If you are ready to make bulk catalog printing for your company or product, please feel free to contact us, who will provide you with best catalogue printing services.

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