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How to design and print best-selling book covers

Time: 2021-06-29 Hits: 189

Both writers and publishers are increasingly aware of the importance of attractive book covers. As one of the best book printers in china, BookPrintingChina has a strong professional team that will provide you with guidance at every step and let you understand creative book cover design concepts and provide you with the best china printing service.


However, designing the perfect book cover for your book can be a daunting task unless you have the ability to determine what a good cover design looks like. When designing and printing book cover, what makes your book stand out?


book cover

Book cover design skills:


Before choosing a cover for your book, did you ask the right questions?

  What is your main purpose for writing this book?

Who is your target audience?

  What are their preferences or reading interests?

  After reading your book, what is the one thing that readers may leave behind?

Why should readers buy your book instead of another similar book on the market?

The cover should properly convey the summary of the book, but not too much. The main color on the cover plays a key role in attracting the attention of book viewers.


The designing and printing of book covers are very important:


A unique idea, valuable knowledge and unique skills are indeed worth sharing. If this motivates you to write a book, you should consider designing a book cover to frame your story.


In addition, you can try DIY book covers. You can get book cover design inspiration in simple steps, and you can easily get some free book cover templates or book cover design ideas.


It's not only about having a beautiful book cover design, it's about complementing your story with perfect book cover art. Book designers are trained to create designs that are most appealing to readers.


Trust the book designer:


If you want your books to sell well, be sure to understand the basic skills of book design, book printing, and book marketing. In addition, getting constructive feedback is just as important as getting feedback from the right people—these people know and understand the book design techniques for selling books. By providing creative book cover design to attract readers' attention, so as to maximize the sales of books.

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