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How To Design A Best Book Cover In 6 Tips

Time: 2023-01-17 Hits: 133

Layout design is very important in the book cover design. And there are various application methods, but no matter what kind of method it is. It is ultimately based on a reasonable layout.

book cover design

1. Highlight and strengthen the theme and with creative

When we designing, we need to clearly convey the theme of the book. Reasonably arrange each element to be primary and secondary. And arrange screens according to the relationship between primary and secondary. Books are a kind of cultural consumption. It focuses on the inheritance and extension of book culture. And the arrangement and application of each element in the design also requires design thinking.

Although the primary and secondary sub-graphics of pictures and texts are simple, they should also be worth seeing. Or add some interesting details to make it better to reflect the designer's aesthetic taste. Such as in the selection and matching of colors and the printing process. It needs to more focus on change and innovation in graphic design.

The concept of book form with innovative consciousness. Its layout and form have changed from the flat and static form in the past to the three-dimensional, dynamic and comprehensive direction, forming a new context for book design.

2. Cover leave blank space

The blank space in the book cover design can give people room to think. Text is an essential part of a book cover design. But, although the layout design filled with text and titles of different sizes can convey the content of the book eye-catchingly. It also loses the interest and meaning of the design itself, making it more dull. Leaving blank space can give people a visual aesthetic feeling and leave space for readers to think and buffer.

3. Highlight the formal beauty of the cover design

Highlight the formal beauty of the cover design, shaping and displaying the theme through novel forms gives people a new visual experience. But can not ignore the expression of content for the sake of form, and blindly put together the current popular elements. The combination is actually an empty and meaningless design.

Each element has its meaning of existence, and the composition of points, lines, and planes has its arrangement principle. Attention should also be paid to the contrast between each element. If the contrast between elements is small, the changes will be less and not obvious. The visual impact brought by people is weak. And the contrast is large, which has tension and visual impact.

4. Arrange the cover illustrations reasonably

Find the most suitable color according to the content and positioning of the book. And color is also the embodiment of emotion. Besides, the cover illustration also plays an important role. An excellent illustration can add a lot of bright spots to the book cover design and make the cover look more lively. It has the same important role as the text on promotional products. Even more important than words, it is an assistant to deepen readers' understanding of the content of books.

5. Creative design of cover text

The book cover can’t leave text, from the font design of the book title to the combination of fonts. Or the layout arrangement of the text introduction on the cover and back cover, etc., the integrity of the text layout must be fully considered. Text can represent a language, and it can also become a kind of graphic art. Different types of books are suitable for using different fonts. Simply stacking some fonts on the cover only serves to convey information, without any sense of art.

When choosing a font, it is especially important to consider whether it adapts to the content and style of the book. In the font library, Arial and Heit are the most common fonts. Most design fonts are deformed and reconstructed on the basis of which to extend new shape.

In terms of text processing, changes in thickness and arrangement can bring a sense of decoration, form a sense of rhythm and contrast. And subtle changes in details are also conducive to breaking the monotony of the layout.

6. Pay attention to the ingenious use of cover materials

Adopting a relatively primitive form of book bindingreflects a simple and profound design style. And brings more real texture and touch to the book design. This return to form makes the book more back to basics. Of course, as long as there are good ideas, the form of material selection is just a way to add to the appearance of books. New ideas and flexible book design methods can continuously inject fresh visual experience into books.

Except above, when design and printing the cover, we also can use special surface finishing to enhance the sense of design. Like spot UV, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, lamination, die cut, etc. But the using of special process, need to fully consider the overall book cover effect.

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