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How to deal with the balance of ink and water in book printing

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To a large extent, the quality of book printing products is reflected in the balance of ink and water during the printing process. Most book printing products are generally relatively simple to produce, and most of them do not have more complicated printing processes like picture book printing products. , It will not involve too many issues on color. If you deal with the ink and water balance problem in the printing process, you can get a satisfactory printing quality, and the ink and water balance in the book production and printing process mostly requires some Operation technicians with rich printing experience can complete it. Then, how should the ink and water balance be handled in the book printing production process?


1. Due to the large incompatibility between printing ink and water in terms of chemical properties, this leads to the fact that in the actual printing production process, if printing ink and water are to be fully integrated, some printing machinery and equipment are required to perform adequately. Rolling and processing, so as to achieve the mutual integration of printing ink and water.

2. The adjustment and treatment of the water and ink balance in the book printing process is very critical, which will directly affect the printing effect of the book printing product, for example, the ink depth of the book printing product, whether the ink color is uniform, and the overprint of the book printing. Whether it is accurate, etc., these have a lot to do with the ink balance in the printing process.

3. The balance of ink and water must be dealt with in the book printing process. For example, in the actual operation, the amount of water and printing ink must be mastered. These all have a greater impact on the balance of ink and ink. At the same time, Also pay attention to make adjustments at any time, which is also very critical.


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