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How to Create A Children’s Book Booming The Market?

Time: 2022-12-09 Hits: 150

printing children's book

With the emergence of various electronic products and various children's books. The competition in the children's book market is becoming more and more fierce. If you also want to join in children's book market. How to create a children's book to boom in the children's book market? Let us talk about this issue today.

1.  Create Children's book with unique toy attributes

The new parents around me are thinking about such a question. How to let our children get knowledge and information? Obviously, watching TV and electronic product will do great harm to children's immature eyes. To let parents go with children, to tell stories all the time and teach children anytime and anywhere. It is an enormous challenge for parents' energy. 

Thus, when parents select children's book for their little children. They favor to select a children's book with two attributes of books and toys, and two stimuli of sight and touch. The children through to read the children's book to get sensory stimulation from words and colors. The paper book is gentle and close, that's electronic products can't achieve.

From the perspective of product use. Infants and young children who do not have persistent interests on one thing. They need many fresh and interesting products to meet their curiosity. The cost of create such of children's book is lower than toys. And the iteration frequency of new products is higher. This is one of children's book advantages distinguish from other children's entertainment and educational product. 

Compared to toy and electronic products. Most parents are more willing to pay for the book with playing and studying function. The children can learn while playing. More important, such of book can replace parents with accompanying their children's to study and playing. Parents also have more time to do their things.Thus, create children's book with unique toy attributes is very important.

2. The perfect combination of content and creativity

In the children's book market, we can obvious discovery, the demand of children's book has always existed. With the new two-child policy, and the growing social atmosphere of increasing concern for children's growth. The market demand for children's books will expand immeasurably. But, at present, there is still a lack of content creativity and the production process in children's book products.

Most of the children's book content creators are education experts and writers. They do not have a comprehensive understanding of what the printing process can achieve. Most of them still stay on the concept of ordinary books. But children's book printers with unlimited craft creativity. They cannot take part in the level of content creativity. The publishers do not have a very clear concept in the content selection and production process. As a result, the attributes of children's books as commodities have not been perfectly reflected.

I had read some interesting children's books. Such as a type of children's board book, the pop-up book version of Harry Potter. When I opening the book, I can see the majestic castle of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or the Quidditch venue. Each time, when children open the book. It can bring a miraculous personal experience to the child. Which of course makes the child unable to stop reading.

There is also a kind of children's book. When the parents unpack the package, there is a recording button on each page. The parents record the voice of reading aloud according to the content of the book. When the child opens this page, it is the parents telling the story. Sound, what child wouldn't want to fall asleep with a storybook like this?

I also found other of books. When children reading the book. There is a sticker or jigsaw puzzle in the book. They will attract children to read. They will keep reading or use their brain to put the puzzle pieces together.

From above, we can see that children's book compare to other types of book. Create children's book with the function of toy or teaching aids inside. Then combine with suitable printing process, perfect combine with content and creativity. Make such of children's book expensive and attractive than others. And more easy to boom in the children's book market. 

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