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How to Control the Quality of Book Printing?

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First:The selection of the ink reduces the leveling of the ink on the film surface after the book is printed. During the batching, no or less dilution or leveling agent is used to promote the formation of the uneven and rough film surface. The professional book printing companies should use special thinners or denatured alcohol for thinning and cleaning. When the imitation metal etching ink is first printed, do not add other solvents at will. Only when the ink is missed during the printing process, a small amount of diluent can be appropriately added and stirred before printing. Too much diluent added or insufficient stirring will greatly affect its metallic texture, as well as its firmness and dryness on the aluminum-gold film. Therefore, when the ink is batched, various additional materials must be stirred evenly.


Second:The choice of squeegee, UV ink cannot use a squeegee made of polyurethane, but a special rubber squeegee. Scraper: Its hardness should not be too high, generally 65 Shore hardness is appropriate. The shape of the squeegee: if the substrate is flat, a right-angle squeegee should be used; when the substrate is convex, a conical squeegee should be used;when pushed back, no residual film is left on both sides.

The quality of the squeegee pressure is also an important factor that Chinese printer cannot ignore. Because the ink filament is short and thick, the pressure is small, and the ink does not pass through the mesh smoothly; if the pressure is large, the amount of ink passing through the mesh will be too much. Both will affect the book printing quality and the printing effect of imitation metal etching. The pressure of the squeegee should be controlled to be slightly larger than the pressure of printing ordinary color ink.


When in book printing, the pressure should be the same to avoid the uneven thickness of the imitation metal etched ink layer due to the different pressure, which will affect the uniformity of the uneven rough surface.


Third: The wetting state of the imitation metal etching ink should be maintained during book printing process to ensure the complete consistency of the printed matter. The degree of wetting is determined by user experience. When the ink is dry, add special diluent in time, and continue to use after stirring.


Fourth: The drying of the imitation metal etching ink should be selected within the power of 80W~6.4kW of the purple light tube of the UV light curing machine according to the thickness of the ink and the speed of the light curing machine. The light-fixing machine must be equipped with a cooling device to avoid thermal deformation failure of the composite paper when passing through the light-fixing machine.

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