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How to control the color difference in the printing process?

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Color difference is a common problem in our printing industry. In the face of such problems, is there a good solution? The professional China printing company will briefly talk about it, hoping to help everyone.


1. Color difference caused by ink.

The chromaticity characteristics of the ink cannot be compensated by adjustment, but we can use a unified description standard to require our visual effects to express the approximate standard chromatographic manual specifications, so that it can meet our replication requirements.

2. The color difference caused by the printing process.

The choice of printing color order will vary according to different printing methods, but the general principle is that flat printing usually ranges from light to thick, while gravure printing is the opposite. Influencing factors of ink supply include printing pressure, dot size, ink viscosity and ink color density. Taking gravure printing as an example, gravure printing has the characteristics of fast and efficient, strong ink color, and vivid color reproduction. The ink supply for gravure printing is mainly composed of ink viscosity, embossing power, position and angle of the squeegee, and the shape and size of the printing plate dot. This is determined by other factors. Therefore, in order to maintain the color consistency of the same batch or piece during the batch copy process, it is necessary to control the above factors, that is, to maintain the stability of the ink viscosity of the entire production team.

In short, take some measures, such as mastering the balance of left and right imprinting pressure, the hardness of the imprinting rubber roller, a smaller squeegee angle adjustment range, and the accuracy of overprinting. It is possible to keep the chromatic aberration relatively small and control the chromatic aberration within a reasonable range.


If you have any questions about printing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a Chinese printer with more than 20 years of printing experience.

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