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How to control the color consistency of book printing

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In order to ensure that the colors of the same batch of products are the same, China printing company try to print the same batch of products on the same batch of base paper. However, when the quantity of the same batch of base paper is insufficient, even if different batches of base paper are to be used, the design of the corporate brochure should be regarded as a good medium for displaying the corporate connotation and external publicity. It is one of the visual image advertising designs. It attracts people's attention with direct text, vivid pictures, unique tones and exquisite layout. What kind of layout design can not only convey the corporate culture concept well, but also enable the audience to enjoy a pleasant reading experience? It must be a pleasing, stylish and beautiful design.


Selection and processing of visual elements The visual components of the brochure layout design mainly include images, text and decoration. How to select and process these elements to a large extent determines the style of brochure layout design. Image selection and processing. Before proceeding with the layout design, the designer must carefully study the corporate culture concept, product positioning, and select image materials on the basis of confirming the copy.


Image materials can be divided into bitmaps and vector diagrams according to image attributes, and China printing company can also be divided into photographic images and illustrations, Chinese paintings and other style images according to image styles. The selection and processing of pictures must also conform to aesthetic principles. For example, in the layout of a product brochure, the selected photographic pictures not only reflect the product image, but also have a sense of beauty and art. The treatment of light and shadow, color, composition, background, etc. all beautify the product to a large extent.


If the color and style of the photograph itself are not enough to express the characteristics of the product, you can also use relevant graphic design software to beautify it. For example, color processing, table processing of cuts, processing of square pictures into other shapes, etc., are mainly to make the entire layout look beautiful and show a unique style at the same time. Sometimes, in order to create the atmosphere of the layout, some images are rendered transparent and used as a background after setting back, and some images are faded or composited. Such processing can relax the layout and form a virtual real space. So that the audience can get a rich visual experience. Art processing of printing plates. Printing plate design is a kind of design art. The choice of image determines the visual communication of the printing plate design.

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