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How to choose the right printing paper?

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The choice of printing paper is very important to the entire printing project when printing. Especially in today's sophisticated paper development, the function of paper has been greatly strengthened. According to different printing uses and design requirements, refer to the application effect of various papers, choosing the most suitable paper can make the printing business achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. The following introduces several commonly used papers for printing.



1. Synthetic paper

Synthetic paper is a flat surface made by calendering or extruding high-molecular organic compounds (such as polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene and other plastic fibers), recycled short fibers and wood pulp with synthetic resin as the basic component. The material has printing, writing, packaging, decoration and other functions like paper made from plant fibers.

Application analysis: In essence, synthetic paper has the general properties of traditional paper, but also has incomparable physical properties and high tensile strength, high burst resistance, high air permeability, and excellent printing performance. People pay attention to it and apply it to advertising printing, packaging industry, medical paper, commercial printing and other aspects.

2. Coated paper

Paper characteristics: coated paper is also called coated paper. The base paper of coated paper is mainly made of bleached chemical wood pulp, which is copied on a Fourdrinier paper machine. The coating used for coating is composed of white pigment, gel cat agent and other additives. The coating is evenly coated on the surface of the base paper by a coating machine, and then dried, curled, calendered, and cut into finished products.

Applicable analysis: The coated paper has high smoothness, good gloss, high surface strength, no lint or powder during printing, and clear images after printing. Coated paper is mainly used for printing trademarks and advertisements, and can also be used for wrapping soap.

3. Cellophane

Paper characteristics: Cellophane is a regenerated cellulose film. Cellophane is made of bleached chemical wood pulp, which is treated with alkali and CS2 gas to make viscose, which is sprayed from the gap to make a film. This film is celluloid film, which can be dyed to make colored cellophane.

Applicable analysis: Cellophane is a widely used lining paper and decorative packaging paper. It is highly transparent, has beautiful gloss, good printability, good resistance to oily products, alkaline products and organic solvents, does not carry static electricity, and does not absorb dust. Ordinary cellophane becomes moisture-proof cellophane after being coated with resin on one or both sides.

4. Cast coated paper

Paper characteristics: Cast-coated paper, also known as high-gloss coated paper or glass cardboard, is a single-sided high-gloss coated printing paper made from coated base paper or cardboard as the base paper by casting.

Applicable analysis: The paper surface of cast-coated paper has extremely high smoothness and gloss, high surface strength, and good ink absorption. Cast coated paper is suitable for making high-end packaging boxes and high-end trademarks.

5. Offset paper

Paper characteristics: Offset paper is made from bleached chemical wood pulp.

Applicable analysis: Offset paper has high surface smoothness, high whiteness, stable size, high surface strength, and does not shed hair or powder during printing. Offset paper is suitable for printing various trademarks.

6. Kraft paper

Paper characteristics: Kraft paper is a general-purpose high-grade wrapping paper. It is named because of its yellowish brown color, toughness and high strength, and it resembles cowhide.

Application analysis: Kraft paper is mainly used to print document bags, envelopes, document boxes, commodity outer packaging, handbags, archive bags, financial statement covers, etc.

7.White kraft paper

Paper characteristics: White kraft paper is a thin, single-sided packaging paper.

Applicable analysis: Chicken skin paper is produced from bleached kraft wood pulp, which is whiter in color than kraft paper, but not as strong as kraft paper. It has uniform paper quality, good tensile force, high burst resistance, and a certain degree of water resistance. It is mainly used for packaging daily necessities and can also be used for printing trademarks.

8. Tipping paper

Paper characteristics: tipping paper is a kind of special industrial paper, specially used in cigarette factories for packaging of cigarette filter rods. It is named after its appearance similar to pine wood grain.

Applicable analysis: Tipping paper is mainly divided into printing and coating types. Printing type tipping paper is mainly used for medium and high-end cigarettes, and coating type is generally used for low-end cigarettes.


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