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How to choose the right paper for notebook printing?

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We will often use notebooks in our life, so have you paid attention to the paper of notebooks? We can see different papers in many book printing companies, so do you know what are the requirements for paper when printing notebooks? The following is a detailed introduction to you :

There are two main ways to Notebook Printing, one is to print directly on the cardboard, and the other is to print the face paper first, and then mount the face paper. Since the indirect printing method is pre-printing on a single sheet of paper, the printing quality is high, and surface decoration such as glazing and lamination can also be carried out after printing, which can greatly improve the appearance of the color box. In the sales packaging of high-end products It has always occupied the main position, but the lamination processing efficiency is low.


What paper usually uses for notebook printing:

1. Specialty paper

The so-called special paper refers to the paper used for special purposes. Special paper is mostly used for the cover of high-end photo book printing, mainly because it can make the cover more beautiful and beautiful.

2. Textured paper

As the name suggests, textured paper is called textured paper mainly because of the light texture on its surface. This paper type has a variety of color levels and is highly decorative when printing high-end photo book.

3. Antique Paper

Antique paper for notebook printing is processed from offset paper, which can bring people an antique feeling. It is mostly used in the production process of high-end photo book printing to highlight a sense of simplicity.


After the above understanding, you must already know what the notebook printing methods are. Most of the paper used in notebook printing is special paper, textured paper and antique paper. If you want to produce better and more popular books, you need to choose a reliable printing company. We specialize in custom printing China for more than 20 years, which can use better paper and help to adjust the layout of books, allowing us to produce books that are more popular with consumers.

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