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How To Choose The Best Printed Children’s Books For Your Baby?

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Nowadays, when you walk into large and small bookstores, or even supermarkets in the book area. You'll find children's books in easy-to-see places, and there are many of them. But among the many children's books, as a child's parents, what kind of books will you choose? Is it the first visual cover design that is important, or is the touch after we walk in? I have summarized some experiences in the selection of print children's book. And provide them for your reference.

1. Green printing

Babies often eat and bite with books. If the quality of the paper is not good enough, many toxic substances will eat in the baby's stomach. Thus, it is necessary to use green paper, ink, glue, and other raw and auxiliary materials. Less whitening agent, and use friendly "soybean ink" for ink. They can completely integrate soybean ink into the natural environment after decomposition.Print your own children's book in this way will not harm the physical and mental health of the baby. Also have a very positive effect on environmental protection.

2. The choice of paper

To attract children's attention and pursue high-end and delicate effects. Some children's books will print on coated paper with high gloss. These books look beautiful, but they can irritate children's eyes. And for the younger Childs, the more damage the eyes suffer. A wonderful children's book, the color should be soft, close to the natural color. And the reflection of the book should not be too strong. From the printing point of view, the color reproduction of coated paper is more realistic. But there will be reflective. Offset paper is less reflective, but there will be color cast. Thus, the parents choose these kinds of books for their children. If you choose coated paper, it is best to choose matte coated paper to cut reflections.

3. Picture fineness

The screen and font size are important factors to see whether a child's book is well done. Books for children are a large different from adult books. Adults favor fine pictures. But children's books should not be too detailed or too complicated. And the words should not be too small. Otherwise, the child will be easy to tire, and he will open his eyes. Staying close to the book for a long time will affect the child's eyesight. Books with larger characters and simpler pictures are suitable for children.

4. Color brilliance

When reading, if the contrast ratio of the color is too strong, it may not be a good thing. And it will have a terrible impact on the eyesight. Thus, when choosing children's books, parents should try the soft paper colors. And books with eye protection effects. In this way, while children are reading. They can also protect children's vision of health, killing two birds with one stone.

5. The shape of the corners of the book

Because many books have sharp edges. Babies are lively and active. It's easy to hurt a baby. So choose the children's books with rounded corners, which are suitable for babies to read.

To sum up, when parents choose books for their children. The color, gloss, color and picture of the book are very important. A little carelessness will cause damage to the children's eyesight. Thus, be sure to choose children's books printed by regular printing manufacturers!

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