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How to choose the best art paper for book printing?

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With the amount of time it takes to write, edit and perfect a book, it’s easy to understand why a paper stock is a commonly overlooked aspect of bookmaking in a book printing factory. In addition to pricing, paper stock plays an important role in how a reader approaches your book.

1.Size:How big do you want your print to be? Small enough to fit in an Envelope? Large enough to make a statement on a bedroom wall? Different paper products come in different sizes so make sure you consider which will work best to give your Art Print the desired impact.

2.Texture: How do you want your art to feel? While Art Prints aren’t designed to be handled a lot, the texture of a paper can affect the overall aesthetic of your design – so choose wisely. For example, papers with fine lines or bumps can sometimes cause full-blockcolorsto look speckled and other papers can make printed inks appear flatter. Find out more about each of our individual paper stocks here.

3.Finish:Matt or glossy? Laminated or not? It’s completely your choice. And don’t forget to think about all those additional extras as well. Rounded corners can really soften certain designs and Special Finishes like Foil always pack a visual punch.

4.Weight:Generally,however, artists prefer a heavier paper as it offers rigidity and a more substantial feel. A heavier gsm is also preferable if you are creating a large print for display as it is easier to mount.

60-100gsm is standard forthemost household print paper. This is the weight you would expect to feel for a typical A4 piece of print paper.

110-140gsm is the weight typical of most traditional poster papers. It's sturdy enough to withstand a little wear and tear but too thin for a fine art print.

170-200gsm is a more weighty and sturdy paper. This is the minimum gsm we'd recommend using for fine art print.

210-300gsm is generally the weight for a more premium fine art paper. It is a little more like a card with a tactile feel but still has a bend to it.

310-400gsm is a much thicker, card-like paper. This is the weight you'd likely feel for greeting cards and wedding invitations. The highest gsm we offer across our leather bound photo book printing and fine art paper is 315gsm. This is for a premium, heavyweight paper that offers the look and feel of original artwork. Such as, printing board books, we usually use the 350gsm single copper paper for mounting.

5.Budget:Making the most of your budget is one of the most crucial things to consider. Are you looking to print in bulk or want to order one-off VIP designs? Maybe you want to print your designs across a range of papers and products to sell at different price points.

When choosing the right paper, personal preference is paramount. It depends entirely upon the look and feels you want to achieve with your print.

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