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How to choose offline production or online production when printing

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How to choose offline production or online production when printing

With the advent of "Internet era", digital printing is in the ascendant and its superiority is increasingly prominent. It can help printing company to shorten the production cycle, and low labor cost, high flexibility. With the popularity of flow products and "web celebrity" products, the demand for small batches and personalized orders is increasing linearly. Digital printing industry has gradually become the focus of attention of printing enterprises. While the application of digital printing technology is gradually becoming mature, it is particularly important to construct the production mode matching the digital printing system.


At present, there are two kinds of digital printing and post-press production: online production and offline production. It is not easy for a printing plant to make changes once it has decided on the mode of production. So how do you choose? Pls refer to the following comments:

1. The advantages of online production

1) Save process time and shorten production period

2) Save a space

3) Save manpower and material resources

4) Save energy

5) Product quality problems can be found in time

2. The disadvantages of online production

1) Maybe it will bring a large paper deformation

2) Paper deformation will bring a series of production and quality problems

3) Equipment failures are mutually limiting

4) The speed of production of equipment is constrained

When printing, we must think about:

1. Ensure product quality

2. Focus on equipment utilization efficiency

3. Can use online production partly

4. To improve a production method or automation method

5. Consider the actual situation


Digital printing is better than traditional printing new printing process, for the bigger market in recent years, both in the international market and domestic market, the fast expansion of digital printing in various fields. And digital printing enterprises in the choice of production methods should be more cautious, in order to better adapt to market demand. Both have advantages and disadvantages, should "adjust measures to local conditions", comprehensive consideration of business structure, product quality, equipment utilization rate, space demand and other factors. If your production method has the maximum utilization of equipment efficiency and the highest efficiency per capita on the premise of ensuring quality, then it is the right choice.

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