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How to avoid contamination in the printing process?

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In the printing process, the "contamination" of the cylinder and printed matter is usually caused by holes and creases on the paper. A hole is a small hole that can be seen through the surface of the paper when it is visible to the naked eye. The big cave is called a cave. Paper with holes can cause quality problems when printing. The following professional China printing company explains in detail how to avoid this kind of pollution.


When there is a large hole in the paper, the ink on the printing plate or rubber cylinder will be transferred from the hole to the impression cylinder, so that the impression cylinder will continue to transfer the ink to the other side of the printed product while inheriting the paper. Pollution damage for the printed matters.


When the ink is transferred to the impression cylinder, if the viscosity of the ink is high, the paper will be glued and torn off on both sides. The shredded paper will stick to the rubber cylinder or rubber plate, and the shredded paper will cause printing obstacles.


Folding a corner means that one corner of the printing paper is turned back, and the folding corner can also cause serious printing obstacles. When printing on paper with folded corners, a part of the printed matter printed on a sheet of paper cannot be printed, and the image is printed on the back of the sheet of paper.


In addition, the ink in the corners will also be transferred to the impression cylinder, causing the impression cylinder to contaminate the back of the printed matter, resulting in many waste products. More seriously, if the paper is plentiful and strong, the corners may damage the blanket, forcing the replacement of the machine.


Finally, if you want to know more about printing, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional printers in China with more than 20 years of rich printing experience.

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