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How to adjust the color of flyer printing?

Time: 2021-05-14 Hits: 175


Nowadays, even in the age of the Internet, full color flyer printing is still popular. Using the color flyer  for related advertising is a good promotion method. Many merchants or enterprises have opened the market through this method and obtained relatively rich profits. In fact, the color effect printed in the flyer is an important review standard. The color display can well express the effect you want and  give people a powerful visual enjoyment. The most important is it can also better display the theme image of its own brand and leave a good standard for people to judge. So, for all of printing companies, How to adjust the printing color of the flyer when they are in the flyer printing production?


As a printing company in china who has worked in color flyer printing for many years, BookPrintingChina has some tips for you about it.




Before the color flyer printing


1. Before printing, please check the text carefully to avoid typos.

2. Pay attention to the bleeding position

3. The choice of the paper thickness of the company’s color pages

4. The influence of the material of the paper on the color page of the flyer

5. The cost of printing color pages should be considered


The color printing of flyers is a relatively technical issue.

First of all, the color design of the flyers printing should be based on the whole, and focus on the overall unity of the color relationship between the constituent elements, so as to form a basic hue that can fully reflect the theme content, and also consider the contrast of the brightness, hue, and purity of the color. Therefore, the designer must grasp the main tone accurately, which helps to form a good overall impression in the reader’s mind, so that the reader can better understand the theme of the flyers.


Secondly, color printing should also pay attention to the combination of multiple tones. In general, multi-tone combination printing is more difficult and requires higher technical requirements. In the design of the flyer printing, the use of the symbolic color of the product and the color association, symbolism and other color rules can enhance the communication effect of the product. Different types of goods are often expressed in colors that match their feelings; and the same type of products can be further subdivided according to their uses and characteristics.


Finally, in the process of using color, we should not only pay attention to the typical common performance, but also express our own personality. If the colors used are the same as others, then you will lose the fresh visual impact, so you need to break various conventional or customary color restrictions when designing. Do not use all colors in web page color matching, try to control within three to five colors, according to the content of the performance or the characteristics of the product, design a novel and unique color style.


In short, the color design of the flyer printing should not only start from the content of the promotional materials and the characteristics of the product, but also set itself apart from similar designs, have its own unique personality, also consider cheap flyer printing costs. In this way, the recognition and memory can be strengthened, and it is easier to achieve good visual effects.


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