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How startup designs should communicate with designers?

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If you're working with designers, learn how to communicate effectively with designers in this article. BookPrintingChina dispatched specialists to collect different opinions from customers, and one of them shared the most with us. After sorting out, we have come to the following four points that must be paid attention to before communication: 


1.Build Design Big Steel

Remember that designers do not have the ability to read minds, no matter how sophisticated and creative they are. If they don't have a clear understanding of what you're offering, they won't be able to turn your imagination into reality.


From the sharing of other customers, we have concluded the following points:

1. Company purpose or slogan

2. Description of the company and industry

3. Description of products and/or services

4. Description of the target audience

5. Brand color and brand LOGO

6. The personal style of the business

7. The company's past designs

8. Designs/pictures that you think are suitable for this design

As long as the more information is provided, the product the designer will produce will be closer to the project we want.


2.express clear expectations

Many times we have individual expectations for things and mistakenly assume that things should happen the way you expect them to. But the truth is that many times it takes a lot of time to revise if the expectations are not communicated to the designer.

In addition, many clients and designers ignore one point about the way of work. It is best to check the designer's consistent process before the project starts, such as drafting time, checking time, working time, feedback date, etc., so as not to let both parties in the design process There is a sense of gap between them. People who don't understand design often think that a design can be made in one day, as long as it is started, it will be fine. But this is a very wrong idea, and good design needs to be precipitated. Knowing the workflow in advance can reduce time misunderstandings.

Most designers will not deal with only one client at a time, most will face several clients, and even have the opportunity to delay our design due to urgent matters. We should clearly indicate our situation and the time of finalization, and we must reserve the time and number of drafts. This not only guarantees the designer, but also guarantees that the design can be produced as expected.


3.communicate frequently

Uninterrupted communication is very important. The designer's profession is to present your content to the public in a more aesthetic way, but he does not understand the actual operation of your company and the purpose to be achieved.

When reviewing manuscripts, we must actively express our opinions to designers. But don't use bad and unpleasant words, such expressions are very ineffective. It is difficult for designers to understand that you are referring to a problem in that position, and we must be targeted when expressing our opinions. 


4. Allow appropriate revision time


Most design projects go through at least a few rounds of revision. Unless you don't have too many demands on your business, you will have to go through the modification phase.

During the revision process, we must remind ourselves that we are not design experts, and that the aesthetic sense of design is left to the designer. During the revision process, you can share what you like and dislike. But we also need to keep an open mind and listen to and respect designers opinions. As a customer, you may dislike a design element, such as a font or color, but when your designer chooses it based on your needs, it's time to have a conversation to understand their thought process.


We are a professional China printing company, no one knows what customers want better than us, and no one knows how to express with design better than designers. Therefore, we must use effective communication to increase the understanding of both parties, so as to produce excellent works.


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