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How printers in China judging the misunderstanding of digital printing process

Time: 2022-02-07 Hits: 196


Digital printing technology is developing continuously, and the use coverage is also expanding day by day. Although there are many digital printing in today's society, there are still some misunderstandings. Then, how printers in China judging the misunderstandings of digital printing technology?


Myth 1: the digital printing machine is a simple digital process. Because the digital printing process is printed directly from the computer or printed on the paper, the digital printing machine is required to have the automation function of the whole process such as composition, correction and binding. Therefore, the software function of the system is very important.


Myth 2: Although the printing quality of digital printing machine can not be completely in line with that of traditional printing due to different mechanical structure and consumables, generally speaking, with the continuous improvement of imaging system, the improvement of imaging accuracy and output resolution, and the enhancement of media tolerance, At present, the digital printing machines launched by various manufacturers have been able to meet the needs of high-grade printing, and are still developing towards higher quality. In particular, there are more and more multi-color digital printing systems, which can be four or even six colors at the same time, and spot color printing can also be met.


Myth 3: the cost is high. The cost is usually composed of three elements: depreciation, materials and labor. However, the high automation of the digital system will reduce the cost of labor to a certain extent; The depreciation of equipment is determined by the investment when purchasing equipment; Material cost: Taking toner media as an example, most of today's digital machines are drum powder separation, and the service life of most equipment drums is more than hundreds of thousands. The price of powder should be gradually reduced with the expansion of application; Compared with traditional offset printing, digital printing does not need plate making, so the plate making cost will be saved. It is worth mentioning that with the increase of users and the maturity of technology, the overall price level of digital printing press has decreased. This has also brought the price of digital printing under control, prompting more customers to accept digital printing.


Myth 4: products cannot be retained for a long time. First of all, you can do your own experiment to see the difference in the storage time of prints of digital printing machines. Put the prints printed with traditional ink, electronic ink and toner under the sun. After a few days, you will find that the color durability of the prints printed by digital printer is better than that of traditional ink.


The above is digital printing technology


Secondly, many people believe that the prints of digital printing machines can not be preserved for a long time like the prints of traditional laser printers and copiers. The actual situation is not so. Taking the dry toner as an example, with the continuous improvement of the printing high resolution of the digital printer, the toner used by the current digital printer is finer than that used by the traditional copier and laser printer. In the process of high-temperature melting, the toner can dissolve in the gap of the paper like ink droplets.


The above is the misunderstanding of digital printing process judgment that printers in China would do.

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