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How do paper quality and thickness affect book printing?

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As a professional China printing company, we know that paper quality and thickness are important for book printing. Even though we live in a world that seems to be getting more and more digital every minute, it may feel like no one uses paper anymore.There are still many times when using paper is required. However, choosing the right paper for your purposes is not always easy. Here are some basic questions you need to answer in order to find the right paper for your print project from a book printing factory:


What are you printing?


What kind of book is it? Or something people would pick up with their hands and read? If so, you'll need to choose slightly more paper, so it feels good in the hand.


Will people write on it? Paper can be coated or uncoated, and most pens will not write as smoothly on coated paper, so choosing uncoated is important. Coated paper is best for brochures or photos.


Will the paper be exposed outdoors? Consider the environment your book is in to determine if it can even exist in an environment that requires it. A more durable paper can be selected for projects that will be used outdoors when you choosing the book printing companies.


How does the thickness of the paper affect printing?


1. The same batch of printed matter requires that the thickness of the paper be uniform. If it is not uniform, the ink transfer rate will be different due to the different printing pressure, and the color depth will change, and even the image and text information will not be fully reproduced due to insufficient printing pressure.

2. When the printed paper is thin and has good ink absorption, there may be a phenomenon of print-through. In order to avoid the disadvantages of print-through, when printing thinner paper, thicker ink and as little printing pressure as possible should be used.

3. When the printed cardboard is thick, its tightness is small, and its structure is loose, the amount of plastic deformation in the vertical direction of the paper during imprinting is large, and it is necessary to increase the maximum amount of compression between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder to get theenough printing pressure.


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