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How Can Children’s Book Printing Be More Eco-friendly?

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printing children's books

Children are the objects that need the care of the whole society. Many families pay more and more attention to the early training of children. And the demand for children’s books has also increased. Parents must consider safety and health first when choosing books for their children. The environmental protection of children’s book printing cannot be confused with quality printing. Printing quality refers to clear handwriting and lines and vivid colors. And being environmentally friendly means that printed matter does not pose a health hazard to children.

Children’s books should be held to a higher standard than regular books when it comes to environmental protection. In this regard, we can analyze the main printing materials for printing children’s books: ink, glue, paper and coating.


What are the main types of green inks? 1. Rice bran ink 2. Bean ink water 3. Water-based ink.

1.The main advantages of rice bran ink are: low VOC (volatile organic compound) residue, low mobility, low environmental pollution, high gloss of rice bran ink, less harmful substances in printed matter residues, and high safety.

2. After being slightly purified, soybean oil is mixed with additives such as pigments and resins. Soybean ink also has many advantages. Such as wear resistance, non-irritating odor, light and heat resistance, easier recycling, wide range of colors, etc.

3. The water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, and only needs to be diluted with water when printing. Thus, the water-based ink greatly reduces the emission of VOCs and avoids the pollution of volatile organic compounds. At the same time, the harmful substances remaining on the surface of the printed matter are significantly reduced. And it is one of the most environmentally friendly ink types.


Another source of pungent odors is the glue used for bonding. Most of the glue used for book binding uses quick-drying agents. This volatile chemical usually disappears after 10 to 20 days. But, since the books are sealed in the packaging bags, the odor cannot be emitted, so the readers still have peculiar smells after they get them. Long-term exposure to such chemicals is very harmful to health. And seriously affects the physical development of children.

Parents, in particular, are reminded that pirated books often use poor quality paper, ink and glue to keep costs down. The solid substance test report shows that some pirated books have lead content 100 times higher than that of similar genuine books. So, when buying books for children, special attention should be paid to identifying pirated books.


As environmentally friendly printing has gradually become the general trend of the development of the entire printing industry. In the printing of children’s books. More and more printing manufacturers try to use lightweight printing paper to print children’s book.

Besides, to the advantages of natural color and comfortable hand feel. Lightweight printing paper pays more attention to environmental protection. Due to its light weight and environmental protection. Lightweight printing paper has gradually become a new choice for children’s book printing paper.

Coating process

In our life, a large number of printed packaging products are painted with instant painting technology. Such as the painted covers of textbooks and other books. These products are very harmful, especially to children. According to a study by the National Cancer Society. Children who have been exposed to benzene-containing products for a long time are most likely to develop blood diseases such as leukemia. Thus, children’s books should not use the coating process will be better.


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