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Hot Stamping Process Of Paper Box Printing

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Hot Stamping Process Of Paper Box Printing

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Now more and more printers in China attach great importance to the hot stamping process of paper box printing. The key of hot stamping technology lies in plate making. Ordinary hot stamping gravure after corrosion is divided into right Angle lines, and hot stamping, pressing concave molding hot stamping plate requirements of the text part of the rounded lines, and the concave template as a whole to protrude a platform, to avoid hot stamping foil of paper box printing. At the same time, the surface finish of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL concave-convex hot stamping template is higher than that of the simple concave-convex stamping template


A fine finish is usually required. Especially hot stamping anodized aluminum, higher requirements for finish, sometimes to polish it like a mirror. Therefore, for hot stamping, pressing concave and convex molding hot stamping plate in corrosion after the need to do secondary processing, the technical difficulty of this process is greater, the application is limited.


The plate sometimes falls off when the paper box printing with bronzing. Because the quality of the adhesive is better in domestic congestion, the reasons for separation are as follows.


①Pad paper between printing plate and heating plate. Many printing plants use kraft coated paper and offset paper to do pad paper, although the paper is relatively flat, high strength, but under the condition of high temperature changes at all times, it is easy to carbonize brittle, so that the printing plate will warped or fall off. Practice has proved that it is more suitable to use straw board as cushion paper. Because the grass cardboard thick texture, porous, the absorption of adhesive is large, not easy to carbonize brittle. Of course, with straw board pad paper, will affect the heat transfer of the electric heating plate, in order to solve the plate off, for general products, or desirable.


② Plate in hot stamping pressure is not uniform. Plate stress is not uniform, will produce plate shift.


Now if you need to make your paper box printing at a cheap printing with high quality in China printing company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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